Is Strength Training For Tennis Worth It?


Most, if not every tennis player will develop some form of tennis injury during their careers. Some injuries cannot be prevented, but you will be surprised how many of the below injuries you can be prevented from doing one thing. We will tell you more about that later on. Most common injuries in tennis we see on a daily basis are, often the overuse injuries. Overuse injuries often develop slowly and can start out as a mild discomfort that gradually increases and becomes painful. Some common overuse injuries are: 1. Tennis Elbow – A very common cause of elbow pain… Continue reading

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The Toughest Grand Slam

I have long regarded the French open as the toughest grand slam to win. But to win it 10 times takes a Herculean effort. We were fortunate enough to work over in one of the best Tennis Academies in Spain. During this time we were able to watch Rafa practice. You could see then he was a very special breed. His work ethic and focus to his training was amazing, even as a 14 year old. Having spent years on the tour, we have been lucky enough to watch him evolve, we have seen his game progress and admire the… Continue reading

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Soft Kids or Soft Coaches


Everyone that is 30 or older, will have stories to tell about some of the hard and intense tennis fitness training we were put through in our youth. Whether it be tennis, fitness, football or any other sports we all remember those hard coaches that worked us to the bone. By today’s standards it could even be classified as a little brutal, but we talk to the kids we train about how different it was back in our day and how tough and challenging the training was. Fast forward to today and those hard tennis fitness training days are hardly… Continue reading

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Specific Tennis Exercises for the Dirt

The best way to prepare for any surface is to do tennis training on it as much as possible. This is the law of adaptation and it especially applies for clay court tennis. On this surface, you need to learn how to slide into shots, recover after hitting and stay balanced. When you are born in a country where the main surface you train and compete on is clay, it just become natural to move efficiently, you don’t even realise it happens. You are able to start sliding when you build up that confidence. The other requirements are good balance,… Continue reading

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How to Physically Peak for Tennis after 40!

While a next level reality for many players is the natural aging process, it need not prevent peak physicality. NATHAN and GISELLE MARTIN explore some common misconceptions about age and athleticism. There are many misconceptions about age and athleticism. Being 44 years old myself, I have had to realise things need to change. Those things are my attitude towards training, my recovery techniques and ultimately what, when and how I do actually train. As we age, changes naturally occur in our bodies – it’s an unfortunate reality that we can’t stay young and in our prime forever. But with careful… Continue reading

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3 Steps to Transform Your Tennis Strength & Conditioning

Where do you start when you want to transform your Tennis Strength and Conditioning? It is a challenge every tennis player faces. Knowing your starting point and having something to aim for will help. To gain a better understanding of a player’s Tennis Strength and Conditioning level, we ask them to perform specific tennis fitness test twice a year. These tennis-specific fitness tests have been developed to provide insight on a player’s strengths and weaknesses. Understanding weaknesses is vital to improve Strength and Conditioning levels, as they highlight the areas that need the most attention. This is a more effective approach than… Continue reading

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Benefits Of Adding Variety in Tennis Fitness Training

When it comes to tennis exercise and preparing your body to play your best tennis, it is important to do the right things at the right time. That includes resting and changing what you do, even if you feel your current routine works. Tennis Training variety is often overlooked. Some people prefer consistency, so do the same things all the time then often wonder why they are not improving. Others jump from tennis program to another without allowing the body time to adapt. Whatever your “training personality”, it is vital for long-term development (at any age) and performance to phase the… Continue reading

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Don’t Let Travel Affect Your Tennis Fitness Training

Tennis is a year-round sport with tournaments played globally and often in hot conditions. Travelling on tour can be brutal for players, as there are many different factors that need to be considered. They range from changing time zones, managing jet lag, coping with new cuisine to cultural and language barriers. To ensure health and fitness are not compromised, it’s important to be prepared. Adopting these simple but effective measures can help improve a travel experience… Planning Make the Internet your best friend before travelling. Do well research prior to arriving at destinations to learn the location of grocery shops,… Continue reading

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A Simple Tennis Tip


Think about this; we often wait for someone to tell us what we need to change, whether it is a coach, parent or friend. You will always find someone to give you tennis tips, advice or their opinion right! What about if you tried to dig a bit deeper yourself and started to work things out for yourself, find what you need to change or focus on. We all have areas of strengths and weakness; that’s human nature. Finding what you feel needs to change to make you a better tennis player, maybe the most important tennis tip and easier… Continue reading

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Role of Teamwork in Achieving Tennis Results


On tour the majority of players have a team around them (coach, tennis trainer, partner, friends) then they have a close group of players they rely on for support, encouragement, a laugh and above all tennis results. It's extremely important for them to have this "team" dynamic. They not only rely on others for feedback, motivation and support, but it's equally important for them to be able to help and support others themselves. This brings them satisfaction and a feeling that they are in touch with their loved ones and friends. Have you ever asked yourself " who's in my… Continue reading

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