All You Need to Know About Tennis Mobility and Warm Up

Injuries have a massive impact when it comes to individualised sports. If you are involved in a team sport and you are injured, you can rely on team mates to cover for you and help you out during play. Not in tennis, you are all alone!  This is why you need to avoid injuries as much as possible. We have identified some key areas which will help protect you from serious injury and keep you on court. They will also make you a more robust and confident athlete. When it comes to tennis mobility and warm up, we like to… Continue reading

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Tennis Fitness Testing and Assessment

“What Gets Measured, Gets Managed” At tennis fitness we believe it is very important to assess an athlete and measure where they are at and then work out what level they need to be at. We firmly believe, if we put all our athletes through a movement analysis, whether that analysis is movement based, speed based, aerobic based and incorporate strength tennis fitness testing we will get a  clear picture of how an athlete works and where they are currently at. So if you know where they are currently at, we can actually program to where they want to be and… Continue reading

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Why You Need A Tennis Periodised Plan?

tennis periodised plan

Can you imagine something as silly as doing the same thing all the time and expecting the result to be different! Silly silly silly….. I have found myself doing this in the past with my training, strapped for time I would go to what I’d always done, what I was comfortable doing, did it work? Yeah sort of, could have I done better? Heck yeah! I’ve long regarded having a “Periodised Tennis Training Plan” just as important as the actual tennis exercises within the plan. Here is some information on why I think that way. Our bodies have extremely complexed… Continue reading

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How to Physically Peak for Tennis After 40!

While a next level reality for many players is the natural aging process, it need not prevent peak physicality. NATHAN and GISELLE MARTIN explore some common misconceptions about age and athleticism. There are many misconceptions about age and athleticism. Being 44 years old myself, I have had to realise things need to change. Those things are my attitude towards training, my recovery techniques and ultimately what, when and how I do actually train. As we age, changes naturally occur in our bodies – it’s an unfortunate reality that we can’t stay young and in our prime forever. But with careful… Continue reading

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How to Improve Tennis Footwork


Here is the misconception! We have seen time and time again, players wasting their time training the incorrect way. Quality tennis footwork could be the most critical element for a solid game. You have to get it right! Lets look at how you should structure all your footwork drills. Have you noticed how well Roger Federer moves? It can be hard to understand how smooth and graceful he moves when you watch on TV, but it was only until I saw him train and play in person, I truly appreciated why he is regarded as the greatest mover in the game.… Continue reading

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