Specific Tennis Exercises for the Dirt

The best way to prepare for any surface is to do tennis training on it as much as possible. This is the law of adaptation and it especially applies for clay court tennis. On this surface, you need to learn how to slide into shots, recover after hitting and stay balanced. When you are born in a country where the main surface you train and compete on is clay, it just become natural to move efficiently, you don’t even realise it happens. You are able to start sliding when you build up that confidence. The other requirements are good balance,… Continue reading

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Resistance Bands – A Must Have Tennis Equipment


Tennis is an extremely complex sport. Physically, you need to be able to run fast, change direction on a dime, jump multiple times, be strong, have optimal endurance and be able to react quickly to the ball. Resistance bands are the most functional, transportable and reliable piece of tennis equipment for players of any level as you work towards those objectives. We think so highly of resistance bands that we’ve designed our own ones specifically for tennis. We use them regularly with all players of all standards – ranging from juniors to our most seasoned professionals. They provide everything we… Continue reading

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Pre-Match Tennis Warm Up

Among all your match day routines, there is nothing that is more important than an effective pre-match tennis warm up. It not only prepares your body for competition, but also reduces the risk of tennis injury and it helps get you mentally ready for competition too. The obstacle for some players is an understanding of what works best. As tennis fitness trainers, we are constantly hearing from players: I am not sure what to do for a tennis warm up before I play. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be structured. Here are some great… Continue reading

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How to Improve Tennis Footwork


Here is the misconception! We have seen time and time again, players wasting their time training the incorrect way. Quality tennis footwork could be the most critical element for a solid game. You have to get it right! Lets look at how you should structure all your footwork drills. Have you noticed how well Roger Federer moves? It can be hard to understand how smooth and graceful he moves when you watch on TV, but it was only until I saw him train and play in person, I truly appreciated why he is regarded as the greatest mover in the game.… Continue reading

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Tennis Cool Down Exercises

Why Cool Down? Cooling down exercises for tennis lower the heart rate and bring the body back to homeostasis, reduces muscle soreness and tightness, removes waste products from working muscles and helps prevent blood pooling. Effective Tennis Exercises for Cool Down – 2 phases This cool down should take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the intensity and duration of your tennis training or tennis match. 1. Cardio – Jog, bike or swim for 10–20 minutes. 2. Stretching – Has many benefits such as: • Helps lengthen muscles back to original length. • Helps joint mobility and healthy functional… Continue reading

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