Mobility For Junior Tennis Players

The Value Of A Flexible And Mobile Athlete! Teaching young athletes how to prepare their bodies for performance is crucial for long term injury prevention and constant physical development. After performing 100s of junior tennis fitness assessments, postural screens and flexibility assessments we have found most young athletes are falling short with their flexibility and mobility ranges. Is this fault of their own? It can’t be, they just do what they are asked. There needs to be more focus on this from trainers, coaches and parents. What we are finding is that young players are exposed to more time on… Continue reading

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Check Out What The Tennis Pros Are Doing?

I have been guilty in the past of being up and down with my training and I’m a trainer! So I know how hard it can be. Staying disciplined and focused is tough, but it is what it takes for players to be tennis pros. What is important is to keep changing what you do, progressing your programming, continually challenging yourself. This not only adds variety, but it is needed to allow your body to continually adapt and improve. When done correctly it adds serious physical progress, who doesn’t want that! I’ve admitted I’ve been slack a few times with… Continue reading

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Modern Day Tennis Strength Training

tennis strength training

You have probably heard us go on about how important is tennis strength training. If you haven’t, well we consider it to be the building block for all other training modalities. It’s the foundation for physical development! That’s why we are so excited to be able to share with you our new approach to how we program our tennis players for strength gains. We have developed a system and structure that progresses and periodise our strength programs, it is practical, effective and tennis specific. If you are one of the players who goes to gym and does “Whatever” you will… Continue reading

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Why You Need A Tennis Periodised Plan?

tennis periodised plan

Can you imagine something as silly as doing the same thing all the time and expecting the result to be different! Silly silly silly….. I have found myself doing this in the past with my training, strapped for time I would go to what I’d always done, what I was comfortable doing, did it work? Yeah sort of, could have I done better? Heck yeah! I’ve long regarded having a “Periodised Tennis Training Plan” just as important as the actual tennis exercises within the plan. Here is some information on why I think that way. Our bodies have extremely complexed… Continue reading

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Specific Tennis Exercises for the Dirt

The best way to prepare for any surface is to do tennis training on it as much as possible. This is the law of adaptation and it especially applies for clay court tennis. On this surface, you need to learn how to slide into shots, recover after hitting and stay balanced. When you are born in a country where the main surface you train and compete on is clay, it just become natural to move efficiently, you don’t even realise it happens. You are able to start sliding when you build up that confidence. The other requirements are good balance,… Continue reading

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