Check Out What The Tennis Pros Are Doing?

I have been guilty in the past of being up and down with my training and I’m a trainer! So I know how hard it can be. Staying disciplined and focused is tough, but it is what it takes for players to be tennis pros. What is important is to keep changing what you do, progressing your programming, continually challenging yourself. This not only adds variety, but it is needed to allow your body to continually adapt and improve. When done correctly it adds serious physical progress, who doesn’t want that! I’ve admitted I’ve been slack a few times with… Continue reading

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Are You Doing This Tennis Test?

tennis test

So today we want to give you some valuable information, a practical aerobic tennis test and a training program to compliment it! What we have found over the years is that it is imperative that tennis players follow some form of tennis testing protocols. These tests should cover; Strength, Flexibility, Agility and in today’s case (this email) Aerobic testing. It is important to test in order to determine your current condition, your strengths and weaknesses and give you some clear cut goals. After you have completed your tests, you need to be following programs that are continually progressing each week,… Continue reading

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