Soft Kids or Soft Coaches


Everyone that is 30 or older, will have stories to tell about some of the hard and intense tennis fitness training we were put through in our youth. Whether it be tennis, fitness, football or any other sports we all remember those hard coaches that worked us to the bone. By today’s standards it could even be classified as a little brutal, but we talk to the kids we train about how different it was back in our day and how tough and challenging the training was. Fast forward to today and those hard tennis fitness training days are hardly… Continue reading

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Don’t Let Travel Affect Your Tennis Fitness Training

Tennis is a year-round sport with tournaments played globally and often in hot conditions. Travelling on tour can be brutal for players, as there are many different factors that need to be considered. They range from changing time zones, managing jet lag, coping with new cuisine to cultural and language barriers. To ensure health and fitness are not compromised, it’s important to be prepared. Adopting these simple but effective measures can help improve a travel experience… Planning Make the Internet your best friend before travelling. Do well research prior to arriving at destinations to learn the location of grocery shops,… Continue reading

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Steps to Improve Your Tennis Fitness Training

Many players will struggle to improve on a consistent basis, with both their tennis and training program. They reach a point when added momentum will be required as levels start to plateau or even worse, injuries occur. The many factors that can contribute to this situation include coaching, motivation levels, knowledge, application and attitude. But in our experience, some simple questions often reveal that players can identify at least three steps that they can implement immediately to help them make instant improvements. Finding these things can propel players forward, providing momentum and boosting their motivation. They are often simple things… Continue reading

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Equipment For Tennis Fitness Training


Having useful equipment for tennis at hand is important for any player who is committed to training and competing at an optimal level. Many professionals travel with their own training and recovery equipment. Not only do they realise the benefits of various pieces of equipment, but they also understand that those fitness accessories aren’t always available on the road. Let’s look at some equipment that is commonly used by tennis players. Resistance Bands These bands, comprising rubber tubing with handles attached, are one of our favourite pieces of equipment – we recommend that every player has a set. Weighing around… Continue reading

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Picking the Right Team for Tennis

I honestly believe having the right team for tennis fitness training around a player is one of the main ingredients to help them reach their full potential. So what sort of people could be in a player’s team? Parents, family, coach, tennis fitness trainer, friends, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, sports physiologist, hitting partner, mentor, nutritionist, podiatrist. I’m sure I have missed some! It really could be an endless list depending on the individual and what their needs are. Most junior tennis players would rely mainly on; Parents, Coach, tennis fitness trainer and a physiotherapist. I believe one other person of… Continue reading

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