Are You Doing This Tennis Test?

tennis test

So today we want to give you some valuable information, a practical aerobic tennis test and a training program to compliment it! What we have found over the years is that it is imperative that tennis players follow some form of tennis testing protocols. These tests should cover; Strength, Flexibility, Agility and in today’s case (this email) Aerobic testing. It is important to test in order to determine your current condition, your strengths and weaknesses and give you some clear cut goals. After you have completed your tests, you need to be following programs that are continually progressing each week,… Continue reading

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Why You Need A Tennis Periodised Plan?

tennis periodised plan

Can you imagine something as silly as doing the same thing all the time and expecting the result to be different! Silly silly silly….. I have found myself doing this in the past with my training, strapped for time I would go to what I’d always done, what I was comfortable doing, did it work? Yeah sort of, could have I done better? Heck yeah! I’ve long regarded having a “Periodised Tennis Training Plan” just as important as the actual tennis exercises within the plan. Here is some information on why I think that way. Our bodies have extremely complexed… Continue reading

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Soft Kids or Soft Tennis Coaches

tennis coaches

Whether it be tennis, fitness, football or any other sports we all remember those hard tennis coaches that worked us to the bone. Everyone that is 30 or older, will have stories to tell about some of the hard and intense tennis fitness training we were put through in our youth. By today’s standards it could even be classified as a little brutal, but we talk to the kids we train about how different it was back in our day and how tough and challenging the training was. Fast forward to today and those hard tennis fitness training days are… Continue reading

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Don’t Let Travel Affect Your Tennis Fitness Training

tennis fitness

Tennis is a year-round sport with tournaments played globally and often in hot conditions. Travelling on tour can be brutal for players, as there are many different factors that need to be considered along with a focus on tennis fitness. They range from changing time zones, managing jet lag, coping with new cuisine to cultural and language barriers. To ensure health and fitness are not compromised, it’s important to be prepared and keep going on with your tennis fitness schedule. Adopting these simple but effective measures can help improve a travel experience… Planning Make the Internet your best friend before… Continue reading

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