Roger And Serena They Are Both Losers

roger and serena

If you want junior tennis players to reach their potential on the court, then they need to learn some hard truths and the earlier the better. “Competing Is Tennis” you either compete against yourself (looking to improve yourself) or you are on the court against an opponent. Learning to compete fairly, win gracefully, lose with dignity all whilst giving it 100% can be a tough and long process for junior tennis players, some never get there. We have a feeling people are losing sight of the fact that tennis is a brutal sport on your emotions and that in reality… Continue reading

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We Are So Disappointed!

Yes, it’s correct we are really disappointed. It really brings us down. It’s so disappointing to see so many young tennis kids get injured. Over the past year, we have seen kids as young as 12 years with tears in rotator cuffs, tendonitis in the elbow, wrist, achilles and frightening stress fractures in the shoulders and lower back. We are seeing more and more young athletes present with limited flexibility, stability and strength. In a nutshell what parents, coaches, and players need to know is; “There is no short term fix….. there is no quick fix pill, if you are… Continue reading

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How to Get Most Out of Young Tennis Players?

The earliest stage of a tennis player’s development is the most important part of their tennis journey. It’s also when problems can arise, so if you work with young tennis players and want them to achieve sound tennis results and maximise enjoyment, it’s critical to understand a few key points: Kids are not adults… So don’t treat them like one. Coaches, tennis trainers and parents need to be responsible for the volume and intensity of a younger player’s practice and preparation. Don’t compare them to adults or other kids; they all develop at different rates and they cannot do what… Continue reading

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