Check Out What The Tennis Pros Are Doing?

I have been guilty in the past of being up and down with my training and I’m a trainer! So I know how hard it can be. Staying disciplined and focused is tough, but it is what it takes for players to be tennis pros. What is important is to keep changing what you do, progressing your programming, continually challenging yourself. This not only adds variety, but it is needed to allow your body to continually adapt and improve. When done correctly it adds serious physical progress, who doesn’t want that! I’ve admitted I’ve been slack a few times with… Continue reading

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Modern Day Tennis Strength Training

tennis strength training

You have probably heard us go on about how important is tennis strength training. If you haven’t, well we consider it to be the building block for all other training modalities. It’s the foundation for physical development! That’s why we are so excited to be able to share with you our new approach to how we program our tennis players for strength gains. We have developed a system and structure that progresses and periodise our strength programs, it is practical, effective and tennis specific. If you are one of the players who goes to gym and does “Whatever” you will… Continue reading

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When Can I Start Lifting Weights For Strength Training?

strength training

The most common question we get asked as tennis fitness trainers is “What strength training can young tennis players do?” We have had many parents, coaches, and players etc asking us how can my kids get stronger the correct way. We saw the need for players to understand how to train the right way for strength gains. It can be challenging knowing what to do when to do it and how to progress your strength training. Having a strong body is the foundation of physical development. If you want to prevent injuries, have more power and recover quicker. Then getting… Continue reading

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