How to Train for Tennis Power – Part 1

At Tennis Fitness, we have found the most successful ways to train athletes for tennis power, is to implement EFFECTIVE PROGRESSIONS. With every program we design, we ask the all-important questions; “Why are we doing this tennis exercise and what are we trying to achieve” Over the years we have seen so many players, not training correctly for power gains (force production) they are wasting their time and the programs aren’t working for them as they haven’t been able to progress their exercises, sets and repetitions effectively. Here are some common problems we have found; 1. Immediate Results – Players… Continue reading

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An Effective Tennis Speed Program


Having fast and responsive movement is what every tennis player should be aiming for. Getting yourself set up for shots, getting to short balls and having the ability to feel like you can attack from anywhere on court is important. To achieve this every tennis player needs to be performing an effective specific speed program. It’s not just about getting down the park to do a couple of 50m sprints. You need to be performing specific speed components with the intention of progressing the program to prevent a plateau. There are three different speed components you need to focus on;… Continue reading

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All You Need to Know About Tennis Mobility and Warm Up

Injuries have a massive impact when it comes to individualised sports. If you are involved in a team sport and you are injured, you can rely on team mates to cover for you and help you out during play. Not in tennis, you are all alone!  This is why you need to avoid injuries as much as possible. We have identified some key areas which will help protect you from serious injury and keep you on court. They will also make you a more robust and confident athlete. When it comes to tennis mobility and warm up, we like to… Continue reading

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9 Things That Must Be In EVERY Tennis Fitness Program

tennis fitness plan

Having spent time looking into the future of strength and conditioning and how much things have moved in the last 5 years, we decided to get a new and improved structure. First, we analysed and researched the ideal tennis athlete. What they need physically (Strong, lean, resilient bodies) to perform at their best. Along with this there are some important things tennis players need to have in their tennis fitness plan. Taking into consideration; The demands on the body, time under tension, volume, length of points, recovery etc. We came up with our new system – “Martin Method 9 Threads” In… Continue reading

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When Can I Start Lifting Weights For Strength Training?

strength training

The most common question we get asked as tennis fitness trainers is “What strength training can young tennis players do?” We have had many parents, coaches, and players etc asking us how can my kids get stronger the correct way. We saw the need for players to understand how to train the right way for strength gains. It can be challenging knowing what to do when to do it and how to progress your strength training. Having a strong body is the foundation of physical development. If you want to prevent injuries, have more power and recover quicker. Then getting… Continue reading

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