Tennis Fitness Testing and Assessment

“What Gets Measured, Gets Managed”

At tennis fitness we believe it is very important to assess an athlete and measure where they are at and then work out what level they need to be at. We firmly believe, if we put all our athletes through a movement analysis, whether that analysis is movement based, speed based, aerobic based and incorporate strength tennis fitness testing we will get a  clear picture of how an athlete works and where they are currently at.

So if you know where they are currently at, we can actually program to where they want to be and track their progression. This is a very important structure on how our tennis programming works.

This also helps athletes with their injury resilience and everyone’s main goal is staying on the court longer.

Please see in the video above two assessment/tennis fitness testing protocols we use with our tennis players.

1- Flexibility Assessment – Overhead Squat

2- Agility Test – 7 Point Drill


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