5 Essential Steps For Tennis Warm Up

We constantly keep being told. "Im not sure what to do for a Warm Up before I Play Tennis" Here we are some great, yet simple steps to achieve an effective Tennis Warm Up. A Tennis Warm up should usually take between 10-15min.

1.         Cardio – 3-5 mins of either skipping or running (forward, backward and lateral). Remember the aim is to increase your heart rate and circulation, so increase the intensity each minute.

2.         Muscle Activation – Activating specific muscles works by stimulating certain muscles and getting them firing or “awake” prior to training for tennis. Most people have muscle imbalances or potential instability issues around certain joints, so it is important to stimulate the correct muscles and encourage them to work during tennis exercising. Don’t confuse activation with muscle fatigue, activation works by stimulating the muscle not fatiguing it before tennis training.

3.         Range of Motion (ROM) - Exercises are a great way to mobile joints and lengthen muscle throughout the body. ROM exercises can be seen as an active stretch or loosening up of the body. The beauty of ROM tennis exercises is they open up the “chain of movement” rather isolating a specific area or muscle. This is important to do before participating in any sport, especially tennis within its multi directional ranges and loading patterns.

4.         Shadowing – Is the last phase of the Tennis Warm Up sequence. Shadowing mimics the movements that would be performed on court.  Shadowing gets the nervous system firing and body following specific tennis movement patterns.  These shadowing tennis exercises can also be used to help prepare mentally before you play. The intensity of the shadowing should increase each minute, so by the time you have finished you are ready, not only physically but mentally, for the first point when you step on court. Perform tennis shadowing for 3 minutes, alternating between forehands, backhands, overhead or smash and volleys.

5.         Stretching - If needed  

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