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Image of professional tennis player doing tennis fitness training.

The right attitude can make all the difference if you’re struggling for self-belief.

Motivation can wane when a player is struggling to see consistent improvements, in their tennis training both on and off-court.

A plateauing game – or even worse, tennis injuries – are often turning points that lead a player to question their processes.

When this happens, we like to remind the player of one of our favorite quotes: “Champions do not become champions on the court. They are merely recognized on the court. They become champions in their daily routine. Players do not really decide their future. They decide their habit, then their habits decide their future.”

The quote is a powerful reminder of the importance of being proactive with good tennis fitness training habits to become a champion on the court.

Ever found yourself losing confidence in your tennis fitness levels or game? That is when it is most important to become a champion in daily routine and make positive changes to rebuild tennis confidence and motivation levels.

Realizing changes can be made instantly is often enough to shift a tennis player’s thoughts and make them see things differently. This will help improve motivation and confidence – and the better results on court will start to follow.


Tennis Training Tips

The first three steps to make the needed changes are:

1 Begin with simple changes

Simple changes are often the easiest to make, yet still, have a large impact. Ask what are three things you could do right now to improve yourself and your game? There is no need to think too hard – achievable changes include showing up to future sessions on time, demonstrating a better tennis attitude, spending more time warming up, or doing one extra tennis workout per week.

2 Communicate

Discuss the planned changes with someone else and commit to making them. This encourages accountability – the confidante can keep an eye on your progress and becomes someone to answer to.

3 Be proactive

Start the process immediately. Commitment is most important, so snap out of your old habits, create new ones, and just go for it. Nothing will ever change if you don’t change what you do.


Self-belief gets built up over time, it takes effort and commitment. It does not just happen. Following the right tennis information and tips will help, but ultimately you need to put things into action on a daily basis, follow the right tennis training programs, have the right people around you, and keep moving forward no matter the obstacles. 

It will happen!


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