Are You Doing This Tennis Test?

So today we want to give you some valuable information, a practical aerobic tennis test and a training program to compliment it! What we have found over the years is that it is imperative that tennis players follow some form of tennis testing protocols.

These tests should cover; Strength, Flexibility, Agility and in today’s case (this email) Aerobic testing.

It is important to test in order to determine your current condition, your strengths and weaknesses and give you some clear cut goals.

After you have completed your tests, you need to be following programs that are continually progressing each week, that eventually bring you to the point of a “peak physical state”.

To go for a 20min run once a week, running the same distance at the same speed won’t cut it.

We see this happening all the time! Many players are getting it way wrong when it comes to their aerobic conditioning.

Below we are giving you a practical aerobic test and a tennis program to compliment it!

This test is a Maximal Aerobic Speed Test (MAS).

We designed it so it is specific for tennis players incorporating change of direction components.

We have found it is the best way to determine someone’s aerobic capacity and their top speed they can maintain whilst using their aerobic energy system.

It is a great testing tool.

Check out the video for your instructions on how to set up and complete the test.

Make sure you record your time. You will need it for the program that follows the test.

To get started watch the video below

Also here is a Aerobic Conditioning Program that compliments the test. This program will give you a good understanding on how you should be training to improve your tennis aerobic capacity.


Keep in mind, this is only one program, to continually improve you need to be progressing what you do (your programming). You will see the tabs on the bottom of the program (in the video) they will give you an indication of the 6-week process that is involved with the complete program.

Give it a go and let us know how you go. We would love to hear your time for the test.

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For additional help, get in touch with us….. This is what we do… It’s our passion!

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For additional help, get in touch with us. This is what we do… It’s our passion!
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