Coach Is Boss

Its true, well a tennis coach should be the boss. However it seems there is a trend that has been developing for a while.... Parents, players and other influences who apparently know better are controlling what happens, on and off the court. In my opinion it is wrong. I can see the problem here coming from two areas.

1. The coach is not strong enough with their players and their support team or they run their business just for profits, not results or the benefit of players and the game (they don't care as they should) so they are happy to let things be.

2. Influences around the player stepping over the boundary and giving bad advice, undermining the players team and chopping and changing things around, which is confusing and causes instability for players.

As a tennis fitness trainer, I know my role and responsibility. When I deal with Tony Roche I ask him what he needs and what I can do. Then he leaves it with me and thats that, if things need to change we communicate it and move on, neither of us would ever undermine each other and this has always worked well for Lleyton. Lleytons parents never tell Tony or myself how to do our jobs, like we never tell them how to parent. His manager plays his role, controlling everything and keeping the wheels turning, but never over steps his role. Simple right, its how the wheels of progress and success turn......

One of my biggest no no's is seeing players have 2,3 or more coaches... its crazy in my opinion, why? it is so confusing for a young player to get told 3 different ways to do something, once again causes instability and stability is one of the highest priorities for a young player. Whats worse is when none of the coaches know the player is getting coached someplace else, this happens a lot.

My advice; Communicate what everyones role is and that sets the boundaries right there. The moment someone over steps, is the moment someone needs to be strong and stop it before it escalates. Assertive communication is needed at times and that builds respect.

The coach should be boss of a players development and tennis structure, if they are not, WHY? they don't want to be or something else is stopping them.  



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