Effective Ways To Prevent Tennis Training Injuries

Tennis is a physically and mentally demanding sport, if you have played the game before you would know what we mean. It is defined as a power endurance sport, which means it requires your body to make repetitive explosive multi directional movements. These certain movements can load the body with a lot of muscle tension and physical stress. It is imperative to have good flexibility and Range of Motion around the joints to maintain optimal functional movement and avoid any tennis injuries.

We have found that most tennis players of all levels are wanting information and guidance on warm ups, cool downs and recovery. So, we will be showing you effective ways to reduce tennis injuries with what we call the “Pre and Post tennis Phases” of warming up, cooling down and recovery.

Phase 1 – Warm up: 1. Cardio 2. Range of motion 3. Activation 4. Stretching 5. Shadowing

Phase 2 – Cooldown: 1. Run, walk , swim or bike 2. Stretch

Phase 3 – Recovery: 1. Eat and hydrate 2. Foam roller 3. Hot/Cold bath or hot bath (Epsom salts)

Having effective tennis warm up, cool down and recovery practices are important to tennis players of all levels.

WARMING UP FOR TENNIS - Essentially an effective warm up increases your heart rate and blood flow through the body. This helps prepare the muscles and joints for tennis fitness exercises, and stimulates the nervous system. So hitting the court cold without an effective warm up can increase the risk of injury and may also leave you feeling flat and sluggish.

COOLING DOWN FOR TENNIS– Cooling down is important post practice or match. It allows your heart rate and breathing to return gradually to resting levels. It will help remove waste products from your muscles, which can build up during practice or matches. A tennis stretching post workout will help lengthen the muscles back to their original length.

RECOVERY TECHNIQUES FOR TENNIS– Effective recovery after matches or practice, will help minimize muscle soreness (DOMS), help prevent injury due to tightness and reduced range of motion. Restore hydration and energy levels, so that the body can refuel and help repair any muscle damage.

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