The 5 Essential Supplements for Tennis Players

Ideally, you are getting your essential nutrients from the food you are eating. But when you’re playing tennis for hours each week, your body may need some essential supplements for tennis players to support your body and help it recover, as well as support your immune system as high intensity exercise has the effect of suppressing immunity. These 5 supplements are indispensable in helping you play your best game:

1. Magnesium – as the second highest electrolyte in our body, it often gets depleted from a poor diet or sweating during exercise. It is best taken in powdered form.

2. Fish Oil – these amazing supplements contain both EPA and DHA, which are fatty acids essential in reducing inflammation within the body that may be present due to high levels of training. Ensure your fish oil supplements are pure and free of mercury.

3. Vitamin C – an antioxidant that supports the immune system and reduces the symptoms of the common cold in athletes. Take 1-2g up to 5 times daily, in divided doses throughout the day when you first feel a cold coming on.

4. Zinc – involved in most enzyme systems in the body but can be lost via sweat, thereby making it an essential nutrient for athletes. The good news is that it is often in magnesium supplements – just check the bottle!

5. Vitamin D – although the best way to obtain this is via the sun directly on our skin, many people are deficient, especially during winter. Supplementing with vitamin D will help boost immune health, bone health and well-being. Make sure you invest in high quality practitioner-only products as there are the ones that have extensive research backing up their use and will be most easily absorbed. By Dina Friedman – Naturopath at ‘The Fitness Naturopath’  

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