What Ends Most Young Tennis Players Career?

You might think it is a direct lack of results...... I believe the 2 biggest reasons young tennis players stop playing are;

1. INJURIES- Tennis Injuries end most careers and the fact most of them can be prevented makes you wonder how many good players we could have had. Overuse injuries are the most common injuries in young players. They occur for a few reasons. First of all young players may not have enough strength in their bodies, they are not following a specific tennis strength program (they can start this as young as 8 years old) strength is the foundation for movement and support for the joints etc of the body. Secondly, are your players following an injury prevention program (shoulders, hips, knees, core, foam roller, stretching) If not they are running the risk of having issues. Like any danger in life, prevention is the best cure. Lastly, volume of training. How often, how long, how intense is their tennis workouts (tennis/fitness) If young players do too much work without enough recovery, they are in trouble. I see it all the time..... this needs to be managed and their are effective ways to do it.

2. MOTIVATION- Players with the strongest motivation will go the furthest. Lets call it passion. It overrides all other factors, it helps develop resilience, persistence and mental fortitude. This gives players the ability to overcome and conquer almost anything. I have seen it first hand a lot of times. As effective as strong passion can be,without it players will get lost, lose their drive and find other things to be passionate about. This happens for a few reasons. Firstly, too much too young. They can get burnt out easily, by doing too much of the same thing, both physically and mentally. The signs will be there (won't want to go to tennis, fatigue etc) when they get to the point were they feel they have a voice they will start to let you know. Secondly. They dont get the support they need. Having positive people of influence around young players is huge for their motivation. It gives them confidence and belief. If they are constantly getting shown positive things and beliefs, they will constantly be in a state of motivation and their passion will be fuelled. Lastly, they need to be driven by the top dogs and people who have succeeded. They need to be watching the top players and using them for motivation. Also watching an dreading motivational movies and books (not necessarily tennis related).

I have seen good young players stop chasing their dream because of reasons that could have been prevented. I hope you can take something out of this that may help keep a young player in the game.  

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