When Can I Start Lifting Weights For Strength Training?

The most common question we get asked as tennis fitness trainers is

"What strength training can young tennis players do?”

We have had many parents, coaches, and players etc asking us how can my kids get stronger the correct way. We saw the need for players to understand how to train the right way for strength gains. It can be challenging knowing what to do when to do it and how to progress your strength training.

Having a strong body is the foundation of physical development. If you want to prevent injuries, have more power and recover quicker. Then getting stronger is the best thing you can do.

Having a strong, stable body is like building a house on a solid foundation, it is crucial for long term success!

At ‘Martin Method Tennis Fitness’ we recommend all young players (aged 8 and above)to start out by performing these 6 fundamental movement patterns.

  1. Squat
  2. lunge
  3. Bend
  4. Rotate
  5. Pull
  6. Push

When young players can consistently complete all the 6 movement patterns, with good form, only then should their program progress.

Performing these basic fundamental strength exercises, on a regular basis, will give young tennis players a great platform to build on in the future, educate them on good functional biomechanics and help prevent injuries.

We believe if young players don't get educated and follow the right systems, they won’t have a chance of making it. Learning the “Strength Fundamentals” is one of the most critical components of off court training.

Strengthening up these movements will enable athletes to move better, have more power, recover better and prevent injuries. It is especially important for young athletes to understand and be consciously aware of these movement patterns.

As they physically develop we need to ensure they are moving symmetrically and strengthening the right areas of their bodies.

One of the biggest misconceptions people make is to train young tennis players like they would an adult. This can be dangerous and often leads to injuries.

Players under the age of 16 should steer away from heavy lifting.

Alternatively, they should use body weight exercises, resistance bands and medicine balls (5-10% of their body weight).

We have realised there is a huge need to educate parents, coaches and young tennis players on how to build a solid strength foundation for junior tennis players.

For this reason we designed a "Junior Strength Development Program".
Keep your eyes out, as we aim to release this program in mid August.

Before jumping the gun with any strength programs, it is imperative to first be able to perform these 6 primal movements with good form.
Watch the “Fundamental Movement” video below to help educate you on correct technique on these fundamental movement patterns.

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