Tennis Training Equipment - Must Have Items

Tennis is an extremely complex sport. Physically, you need to be able to run fast, change direction on a dime, jump multiple times, be strong, have optimal endurance, and be able to react quickly to the ball.

Resistance bands are the most functional, transportable, and reliable piece of tennis equipment for players of any level as you work towards those objectives.

We think so highly of tennis resistance bands that we’ve designed programs using them. We use them regularly with all players of all standards – ranging from juniors to our most seasoned professionals. They provide everything we need to get players fitter, stronger, and more dynamic on the court.

Tennis Training Equipment

Here are three reasons why resistance bands are must-have tennis training equipment.

1. Specificity – The bands can be used on the court to perform movements that are specific for tennis. They can also be used for multi-purpose tennis exercises, including rotational patterns.


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