Find Out Secrets Of How Pro Tennis Players Made It

off court training May 19, 2014

What do pro tennis players Nadal, Serena, Federrer and Sharapova all have in common? They possess an aura of invincibility that has been created through hours of dedication and focus. Work on these five positive attributes and you may find yourself walking around with more confidence and style.

1. Attitude - By far this is the number one attribute players should strive to achieve and maintain. Having a positive, competitive, hard working attitude will put any player in good stead. A healthy attitude will not only benefit a player’s tennis game, it will draw the attention of coaches and other players.

2. Persistence - Being persistent means, waking up every morning and following a plan, following it with passion, day in day, day out, no matter what the weather is like or how they are feeling, giving 100% in that moment. That’s how progress comes.

3. Discipline - Players need to learn how to control what they can control; discipline gives them more control over more things....

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How Can I Peak For My Next Tournament?

How important it is to periodize your training for tennis?
Periodization is simply, structuring on and off-court tennis training into phases or blocks of time.

The basic phases include:
• Preparation (general and specific)
• Competition (pre-competition and competition)
• Transition (offseason)

Each phase focuses on different aspects of tennis fitness and tennis conditioning (cardio endurance, strength, power, tennis speed, agility, and recuperation) in conjunction with on-court work, specific for the phase.

Here is a brief explanation of each phase.

Preparation (General and Specific)

General: High training volume/ low intensity. Focus is on endurance and strength. Training can be general and non-tennis specific at the start of the phase (cross-training) a good time to work on tennis technique. Ratio 30:70.on court : off-court training Phase length: 4-6 weeks.

Specific: Low volume/High intensity. Focus on more specific tennis training variables (anaerobic...

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