How to Train for Tennis Power – Part 1

At Tennis Fitness, we have found the most successful ways to train athletes for tennis power, is to implement EFFECTIVE PROGRESSIONS.

With every program we design, we ask the all-important questions;

“Why are we doing this tennis exercise and what are we trying to achieve”

Over the years we have seen so many players, not training correctly for power gains (force production) they are wasting their time and the programs aren’t working for them as they haven’t been able to progress their exercises, sets and repetitions effectively.

Here are some common problems we have found;

1. Immediate Results - Players want immediate power results and don’t take the time to build a good strength foundation that will dramatically help with their power output. You cannot expect to generate a faster powerful serve, if you don’t have a solid strength foundation.

2. Correct Technique - Players start with force expression (jumping) exercises without learning how to...

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