How to Train for Tennis Power – Part 2

Let’s recap on Train for Tennis Power Part 1.

We have found the most successful ways to train athletes, is to implement EFFECTIVE PROGRESSIONS.

With every program we design, we ask the all-important questions;

“Why are we doing this exercise and what are we trying to achieve”

In Train for Tennis Power Part 1, we talked about the common problems we have found players doing when training for tennis power. Now we are going to give you a solution for these problems. (If you didn’t read Train for Tennis Power Part 1 Click Here)

To get it right you need to consider a few important steps -

Step 1 - Build strength
Firstly, one of the biggest mistakes is not having a good strength foundation. Focus on building strength through the major muscles groups prior to performing any power orientated exercises. This is especially important for young athletes. If a young player cannot squat under body weight, how can you expect them to do anything dynamically with good form!...

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