Tennis Cool Down Exercises

Why Cool Down?
Cooling down exercises for tennis lower the heart rate and bring the body back to homeostasis, reduces muscle soreness and tightness, removes waste products from working muscles and helps prevent blood pooling.

Effective Tennis Exercises for Cool Down – 2 phases This cool down should take between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the intensity and duration of your tennis training or tennis match.
1. Cardio – Jog, bike or swim for 10–20 minutes.
2. Stretching – Has many benefits such as:
• Helps lengthen muscles back to original length.
• Helps joint mobility and healthy functional joint range.
• Releases muscle tension, which can help take pressure off or away from joint/s.

After cool down exercises for tennis, muscles can shorten and feel restricted. Start to be aware of your body, know what muscles feel tight and what side of the body feels tighter. You may have to perform extra stretches on your dominant side. Then only stretch...

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