Tennis Elbow

Upper limb injuries in tennis are most commonly overuse type problems and the most common is Tennis Elbow.

Tennis Elbow or lateral epicondylitis is an extremely common condition where the tendon attachment (origin) of the wrist and finger extensor muscles (back of the forearm) becomes irritated and painful due to excessive amounts of activity causing tissue overload. This can occur in a variety of activities like tennis, golf and even typing.

In tennis simply increasing the amount of practice and play to quickly can lead to an overload, inflammation of the tendon and pain. However, many other factors can also influence the situation. These may include the size of the racket grip (to big or to small), the string tension, the type of play (double handed backhand is less provocative). Other less obvious culprits include poor posture (especially of the shoulder blades) and poor core control, which can have substantial influence on the kinetic chain and cause neck and shoulder issues as...

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