3 Simple Tennis Fitness Tests

Today we want to give you 3 FREE Tennis Fitness Test and a practical aerobic training program to compliment it! These are some test we do with our tennis players.

  1. Mobility Test
  2. Change of Direction Test
  3. Aerobic Test (MAS)

You will complete the free aerobic program after you have completed your free tests.

At tennis fitness we believe it is very important to assess an athlete and measure where they are at and then work out what level they need to be at. We firmly believe, if we put all our athletes through a movement analysis, whether that analysis is movement based, speed based, aerobic based and incorporate strength tennis fitness testing we will get a clear picture of how an athlete works and where they are currently at.

"What Gets Measured, Gets Managed" 

So if you know where they are currently at, we can actually program to where they want to be and track their progression. This is a very important structure on how our tennis programming works. This also...

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Mobility For Junior Tennis Players

The Value Of A Flexible And Mobile Athlete!

Teaching young athletes how to prepare their bodies for performance is crucial for long term injury prevention and constant physical development.

After performing 100s of junior tennis fitness assessments, postural screens and flexibility assessments we have found most young athletes are falling short with their flexibility and mobility ranges.

Is this fault of their own? It can't be, they just do what they are asked.

There needs to be more focus on this from trainers, coaches and parents.

What we are finding is that young players are exposed to more time on court with no cross over into other sports.

This combination leads to constant loading patterns and in some cases overuse issues.

What is important to realise is that young players, no matter how good they are at 12 years old, if they don't have healthy flexibility and mobility ranges it is only a matter of time before they hit an injury wall.

We see it all the time, its not the best...

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