Tennis Positive Thinking

I am sure everyone reading this has seen someone carrying on in a way that they felt was counter productive for the situation they were in.

Whether that be watching a tennis match, in a heated discussion with someone or simply over hearing someone talking about something. Their negativity could be felt.

We all have moments that we wish we could have again, so we could do it differently.

I know I do!

 Looking back in my life and having learnt and put into practice certain personal skills lately, I realised -  My thoughts effect how I feel and how I feel effects how I act.

It's a pretty simple formula. To live a productive, successful and fulfilled life can be challenging and can seem so far away at times.

If we can get control our thoughts, feel better about a situation or ourselves, we will act more positively and produce better results - Make sense?

So what does this have to do with tennis? Well, everyone who has ever been a part of the game at any capacity, knows how...

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