Tennis Success, What’s The Secret?

tennis success Nov 29, 2014

The secret is; that there is no secret for tennis success. I’m sure you have heard it before! But in all reality it is so true, I honestly believe it.

Most of the successful people in the world have 3 things in common and they are definitely not secrets. People succeed in life by doing 3 things; they have passion. They know what they want! Generally their passion outweighs everything else. They work hard at achieving. They learn their craft, they become masters at it. They do this by what I call “Beating on your craft” Relentless work ethic and the willingness to endure whatever it takes. They stop for nothing. Failure is a temporary obstacle. They have the ability to get up, learn more, do it again, do it better. If they fail again, they fail better and eventually they succeed. People believe they need self-belief to make it….

You want to know how to get self-belief. Following these three points is a good place to start! Believing in yourself comes from,...

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