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3 Tools To Fast Track A Young Tennis Player's Career

Mar 21, 2022

You might be reading this and you are a tennis parent a coach or a player. I want you to read this blog with an honest and open mind, I want to help you get to the root cause of your lack of results and progress and help you find the solution that will create certainty and progress. Without being honest, that cannot happen!


It is match day, do any of these sound familiar?


You are injured again, you’re not sure you will get through the match, let alone finish the tournament. You are not sure you will ever get rid of these injuries. Why do they keep happening?

Your motivation is low due to the fact you’re not sure your tennis training is working for you, you know you’re not as fit as you need to be. Why do you feel like this?

Mentally you feel fragile and in fact, you almost feel like you have given in and lost before the match starts. Feels horrible right?

You walk on court totally underprepared. You haven’t warmed up effectively, you are sluggish and can’t move your feet, your energy level is embarrassingly low, you just cannot get going. Sound familiar?

You look for excuses to tap out, instead of trying a way to push through. Maybe you feel you are not good enough?


If any of the above points are a reflection of how you feel or what you see your player experiencing, I want you to keep reading, if not I will catch your next blog.

Over the past 12 months, we have turned our attention to building complete tennis players, not just the fittest, but the most complete, and by this I mean a player that is; Physically fit, agile, strong, flexible, injury resistant, mentally resilient, healthy, grateful, respectful, professional,  a problem solver, proactive, hardworking and a good communicator.

This is my objective as a tennis mentor. In the past we have focused on a few aspects, that was until we realized we need to dig deeper, be better, and offer more. This approach has delivered amazing results, more wins for players on and off the court. The one thing that is standing out the most is the higher levels of confidence we see in players and parents when we take this approach. Once they have certainty by following a complete structured pathway and get the support they need, confidence blossoms and they build momentum.

We are still learning and evolving the process, we are extremely motivated to teach, guide, and support, players, parents, and coaches through this process of learning how to become a complete player. If you want to know more about what we are doing, please check out this webinar I created, it has 3 major lessons we feel most developing players are having issues with.

When I started out as a tennis trainer 20 years ago, things were very different than they are now. Everything was all about hitting balls on the court with minimal focus on what happens away from the court. Oh my, how things have changed. In fact, if you are a player with aspirations of becoming a professional, college player, or top-ranked adult in your country you need to be ticking a few more boxes than just hitting balls. I can tell you from being at the cutting edge of what’s going on globally in top academies, clubs, and schools, you will simply get left behind. I am not saying this to slightly worry you, I am saying it to scare you into action! Why? Because I want you to be the best you can be… simple. Anyone who works with us knows this.  

Here are my thoughts on where you are possibly at now and why you are not making progress.

If you want it, I mean really want it, why wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to achieve your dream, to reach the greatest heights you can. You can do it, that’s a promise, but you have to start now and you have to be doing the right things, listening to the right people and not stopping in situations until you have sucked every last ounce out of yourself you can, that’s your goal, that’s when you will get your best result.


So, you might ask, this all sounds good, how do I do this? Where do I start?

There is too much information to give you in a blog, to give you the correct advice and do it in the right way, I  need more time with.  So, register for my webinar (only if you are serious about learning how to become a complete player) learn some lessons straight up and if you qualify,  I might even give you 45min of my time to help you at the next level, for free.

No matter how confused, low in confidence, or frustrated you are with your current level of tennis, results, or tennis training plan. I promise you there is a way out and you will get there if you stick around.



Some action steps to make this happen;

  1. Register and Watch the webinar - Learn 3 valuable lessons. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, you will need it!

  2. If you qualify, we will arrange a time meet to up over the phone (no matter where you live) and work through your biggest issues!

  3. Possibly become one of the players we take into our tennis training system and help; train the correct way for tennis, easily win more matches, become injury resistant, improve their ranking and most importantly enjoy their tennis journey!


Before I go, I want to leave with you a possible scenario for you. A situation I wish for you to be in every time you walk on the court, a situation that is within your reach if you really want it. If you can become a complete player.


It is the first match of the day and as you walk on the court you have never felt better. Your pre-match warm-up was spot on, your level of confidence in your game is next level and physically you feel unstoppable. You are ready to WIN and enjoy the journey. The injuries that plagued you are a distant memory and the quitters' mindset that once tormented you is now replaced with a desire to push to the next level and challenge yourself in every moment. You are ready for anything and it feels indescribable!


In this FREE online class, you’ll discover a NEW, SIMPLER, and UNIQUE way to…

  • Structure your child’s tennis training
  • Avoid painful and frustrating injuries
  • Keep them motivated (even on the down days)

… and so much more

To Register click on the image below!

 P.s There is nothing for sale in my webinar, in fact, I have a gift for you there :D