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Secrets of Pro's and Their Tennis Fitness Training

May 19, 2014
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Secrets of Pro's and Their Tennis Fitness Training

What do pro tennis players Nadal, Serena, Federer, and Sharapova all have in common? They possess an aura of invincibility that has been created through hours of dedication and focus. Its not all about their on-court work and their tennis fitness training. Being a strong robust athlete is important but we also believe developing an athlete on the inside is just as important. Here are five positive attributes you can implement into your lifestyle to help you become a complete player.

1. Attitude - By far this is the number one attribute players should strive to achieve and maintain. Having a positive, competitive, hard-working attitude will put any player in good stead. A healthy attitude will not only benefit a player’s tennis game, it will draw the attention of coaches and other players.

2. Persistence - Being persistent means, waking up every morning and following a plan, following it with passion, day in day, day out, no matter what the weather is like or how they are feeling, giving 100% at that moment. That’s how progress comes.

3. Discipline - Players need to learn how to control what they can control; discipline gives them more control over more things. Control will improve their game and other aspects of their lives. Discipline, in many areas, is needed to get the most out of a player; including diet, tennis fitness training, recovery, hydration, off-court training, punctuality, court conduct, and respect for others.

4. Focus - When players show up to practice, they need to be ready and focused for the entire session; this is how you develop vital match play skills. It is too easy to show up and go through the motions; any young player can do that. Striving to remain focused, and at the moment, will set up a valuable skill.

5. Hard work ethic - Any player who has made it to the top has worked hard, day in, day out for years and years. That is a given. Player’s, who want to maximize their potential, need to do exactly the same. Hard work ethic is about putting in 100% effort, 100% intensity in every Tennis Fitness Training session. Chasing balls, never giving up, and staying committed is expected every time. Don’t be afraid to encourage players to push themselves, otherwise, they will never know how much they have and what their limits are.