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Pro Players Tennis Podcast Series

Jan 19, 2021
Image of Pro Tennis Players Podcast

We have been very fortunate in our tennis fitness careers to have worked with some great players (some of them the best in their era). I think when you are in it, working and all trying to achieve greatness and maximize your potential it is easy to lose sight of all the little things that you achieve and also the things you learn along the way.

There are many moments that just slip by in the pursuit of reaching a high-end goal. This becomes apparent when you step out of an environment and then have time to think your time over, you realize the things you achieved, the things you did well, and what you could have done better.

I love these opportunities to reflect, learn, and grow. We had the opportunity to go back and revisit some past moments and experiences with some of the world’s best tennis players recently in a tennis podcast series we put together, we were surprised with what we learned from these amazing athletes even though most of them we had worked extensively with. You can check out the podcast series here ---

When the Co Vid pandemic erupted, we knew quickly that every sport would be dramatically impacted. Tennis being an international sport was hit really hard. Our team wanted to do our best to support the greater tennis community however we could.

The first thing we did was put together a tennis home workout program, we knew players would be restricted with tennis court, gym access, etc. The “Total Tennis Home Workout” has helped support 1000s of players during this time and we are really glad that we pulled it together, thanks to everyone who has followed it and have let us know about there positive results!

We also wanted to find a way to tap into our direct contact with tennis professionals and see how we could use their influence to help encourage and support people through this challenging time. We reached out to some players we had worked with and most of them were open to being involved. What we decided to do was launch a Tennis Podcast Series.

The players and coaches we had the privilege of having on the
Tennis Podcast series include;

  • Lleyton Hewitt
  • Samantha Stosur
  • Patrick Rafter
  • Casey Dellacqua
  • Jelena Dokic
  • Tony Roche


We ended up calling the series “In the Mind of a Tennis Champion”. We wanted to provide a platform that opened the door for players to talk about their tennis career highlights, experiences (good and bad) what the game has given them, and the direction they are going now. We were blown away with how well the series went and with the response, we had from the tennis community –

Having been Tennis strength and conditioning trainers for over 2 decades, it was great for us to hear the impact of what we do has had and still has on players careers and as we push forward with our online tennis fitness programs, we want everyone to have the same opportunity to get fitter, stronger and build a platform to play better tennis from.

Here is a brief overview of what to expect from each podcast:

Lleyton Hewitt - One of the game's toughest and most resilient players. Having worked with Lleyton for 10 years it was great to be able to share some stories and enable people to get an insight into his remarkable mental mindset.  Lleyton shares his thoughts on his past experiences including; Being the youngest player to reach world number 1, challenges on tour, memorable moments, building resilience, and working with future generations.

Samantha Stosur -  A hard-working, talented role model, Sam has had great success on the WTA tour. Hear what she has to say about her tennis journey, how it started, her highlights, struggles, the importance of training hard, and what’s next for her. Hear some funny training stories about our time working with Sam.

Patrick Rafter - A true serve and volley master, Pat captured the hearts of many fans as well as his peers during his career. Hear about Pat's rise to the top, the challenges he faced on the way, the people who helped him become the best in the world, and the importance of staying grounded. After listening to his podcast, you will realize why he was and still is such an admired person.

Casey Dellacqua -  Former world top 20 singles player and number 1 doubles player, Casey opens up about her tennis journey from the start to finish. Filled with lots of inspirational stories of hardship, resilience, and success. You will even hear about the time Casey was helping out during the birth of our first child!

Jelena Dokic -  Having achieved so much in tennis at a young age, little did anyone know what was going on off the court. Jelena shares her personal journey through abuse and how he managed to stay focused on being one of the best players in the world. Filled with stories of courage and despair, Jelena will inspire you in this podcast to have hope and belief that you can get through anything.

Tony Roche - One of the most successful and respected coaches in history. Hear Tony’s own tennis story, who he learned from, what makes him such a successful coach and why he loves the game. Tony crosses generations of players and eras of tennis. His knowledge base and skill set are exposed in this humble interview.

We hope you can learn as much from these players as we have. Be inspired and grow from their personal experiences. We can all help each other out, we can all learn from each other, we are all in this together.

Enjoy the podcast series and please let us know your thoughts


Pro Players Tennis Podcast Series