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This Could Be Affecting Your Tennis Performance

Dec 22, 2014
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Tennis players are all looking for the winning edge.  They are all looking for what is going to give them that edge and get them performing at their best. What many players haven’t looked into is how food sensitivities can affect their training for tennis and their tennis performance.

Food sensitivities are extremely prevalent these days.  At least 45% of people reading this article will be affected by them.  All of the packaged and processed foods, along with the overuse of antibiotics and other toxins we are exposed to have caused our guts to get damaged leading to this rise in food sensitivities.  Our body, gut, and digestive system are designed to process real food, not this fake food.

This Could Be Affecting Your Tennis Performance

So what’s the big deal?

Food sensitivities cause stress and inflammation on your body.  They can lead to symptoms like bloating, fatigue, joint pain, weight gain to name a few.  Not only this, but this inflammatory stress on the body can disrupt the hormonal balance in the body causing a wider range of problems e.g tennis injuries

Food can be your best ally or a formidable enemy.  The scary thing is that you could be eating a sensitive food 2 or 3 times a day. Identifying foods that you react to, is very challenging because the reaction of the sensitive food can occur in the body three hours up to three days after you have eaten the food.

The other important point is that the food you are reactive to can be a healthy food.  We have seen a number of athletes that are sensitive to foods such as lettuce, blueberries, and different nuts for example.  Unfortunately, we see reactive foods that are often included in tennis players’ eating regimes.

The exciting news for players is that these foods can be identified in a simple food sensitivity test.  The test measures what foods are causing an inflammatory reaction in your body.  Most players notice huge improvements in their tennis training programs and their tennis performance, once they eliminate these sensitive foods.  They get leaner, recovery is improved, they can train at higher intensities, their body holds together better (reduce tennis injuries) and they feel lighter and also clearer in the mind.

Improved performance is only a simple test away….

By Angela Jenkins

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