Tennis Breathing Exercises - Are you a Shonky breather?

It is not uncommon to see tennis players walking around gasping for air and taking short shallow breaths.

We call this " Shonky Tennis breathing" and if you are a shonky breather, we need you to change it. We will show you how....

Learning to breathe at optimal levels during practice and play is critical for; 

  • Recovery (between points and sets) 
  • Energy production (Aerobic energy system relies on oxygen absorption) 
  • Added boost in force expression (Increased power output)
  • Endurance (having the ability to recover quicker on court, leads to a slower fatigue rate) 
  • Concentration (using breathing techniques to "reset" is important for staying focused or we call it tennis meditation

Breathing is what we call an involuntary action, which means we do it without having to think about it or worry about it until it is compromised, then we freak out and so we should!

This for me is the problem around breathing for tennis because we do not need to think or worry about...

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