Building a Tennis Champion Book

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30 Things Every Tennis Player, Coach and Parent Must Know.

If you’re a young tennis player, tennis coach or tennis parent,
this book is a must read.


Building a Tennis Champion: 30 Things Every Tennis Player, Coach and Parent Must Know.

“Building a Tennis Champion” covers a diverse range of questions regarding young tennis players. If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, then this book should be in your hands ASAP;

• How often should a young tennis player practice, train and play?
• What off court training should a young tennis player do to improve their game?
• What to eat, before, during and after training/matches?
• How to keep a young player motivated and focused.
• Advice for developing a tennis champion from Professional players.

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This book is full of practical advice and simple to follow guidelines, all within 83 pages. 

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Want To Help Young Tennis Players Reach Their Potential? Then This Is for You!

This is a genuine offer. We are always trying to help the Tennis community however we can. This is another gift from Tennis Fitness for those that need help and guidance developing young players. 

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If you apply all the information, I guarantee it will change your life in some way.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn from the book; 

  • 10 Tips on keeping a young tennis player motivated - Page 13
  • Important physical changes you need to be aware of - Page 17
  • Financial costs, involved in building a champion - Page 25
  • How much a young player needs to practice/play or train for tennis - Page 43
  • What to eat before, during and after training/matches - Page 57
  • What do professionals do to recover from tennis matches and tennis training - Page 73
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Amazon Book Reviews


It's been one year I am following Nathan's method for the conditioning for my young tennis players. It's so simple and effective. I am grateful to Nathan & Giselle for sharing their experience and inspiring so many tennis lovers all over world. Wish they will keep writing to help the tennis world.


Very useful book, a must read for coaches from each level. As a coach I learned some new things that I couldn't find in other tennis related literature. Building a Tennis Champion is easy to read, since it mixes scientific facts with real life examples.

David Carney

Great little read that gives a parent all the tips and tricks to support a parent in helping to develop a future tennis champ. Had my 10 year old son read section and hep him to understand importance of training off court, flexibility and injury prevention as well as mindset.

Anthony K

A very well written, insightful book. It is apparent that the authors must have a wealth of experience in tennis and understand what is required to develop into a successful sportsman. It has helped immensely in managing my son's tennis program and training. Highly recommended.



Great read! A must for all future tennis professionals! Nathan and Giselle Martin have worked with some of the best tennis players in the world, they know what it takes. This is a step by step guide that outlines everything it takes to become a tennis champion. I recommend this book to the parents of my students and to current players getting started on the pro tour. It is an excellent reference to keep you on track. 


Brilliant book. As an exercise physiologist it is extremely important for young growing athletes to have the correct information and this book does exactly that. The holistic approach of the book teaches so many great habits for not only being a great tennis player but for living a healthy life. All young up and coming players would benefit from the book. I highly recommend it to all parents of young athletes.

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About the Authors – Nathan and Giselle 

Proud Australians, Nathan and Giselle Martin have worked as Tennis Fitness Trainers for over 15 years. Collectively, they have trained 5 former world number 1 players. Living in Australia, they have frequently travelled on the WTA and ATP tours, assisting the world’s top professionals. When in Australia, Nathan, Giselle and their team at Tennis Fitness, have a strong connection with developing junior tennis players; continually sharing their knowledge and experience with potential future professionals. Their passion to continually learn and share about the game they love has led them to become world leaders in the tennis industry. Nathan and Giselle have worked with Lleyton Hewitt, Martina Navratilova, Casey Dellacqua, Sam Stosur, Svetlana Kuznetsova, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, and Monica Seles.