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Hey, It’s Nathan and Giselle
First of all, you’re in. We just want to officially welcome you to the Tennis Fitness Community. I know you are going to be a perfect fit around here.

But, before we get started, there’s something we need to talk about:

You’re here because you’re either a player, training to be a better player, a coach or parent.

As your tennis fitness trainers, it’s our job to help you get were you want to be as quickly as possible, learn what you need and motivate you to get it done!

It’s a job we take very, very seriously. We value you and every person that joins our community…… With the right mix of training and attitude, we will get there.

But, if we are going to give you everything we have got, there are a few things I need from you in return:

Step 1 
Fortnightly Tennis Training Tips

Every fortnight, we write a private email blog for the 33,520 players in our community. Some of them are Pro’s, some of them are social players and some are junior players, all of them share a common goal….. to learn and be better.

The information we send out in our blogs is full of the most cutting edge tennis training information available.

These Tennis Training Tips are the #1 reason our followers are the most educated and balanced group of tennis players on the planet right now.

Don’t expect boring information you have heard 100’s of times before, get ready for the new age of tennis information. We share our secrets, stories and knowledge, because we know how much it helps.

Getting the right Information is highly powerful and we know what we have for you is going to unlock your inner best!

As the newest member of the family, you can expect your first issue within 24 hours. Read it, and commit to reading each and every issue that comes after it.

Do that and we promise you will reap the rewards

Step 2
Get your Free Tennis Workout (Plus 2 x Bonus Workouts)

We are going to help improve your First Step Quickness, Speed and Power in only a few weeks….

In this Pro Tennis Fitness Workout we are going to introduce you to some of the training the Pros actually do.

Court Movement, Speed and Power is extremely important as Im sure you know. The problem is most players don’t actually know how to train the correct way for Tennis. If you want to move and feel better on court you have to actually do workouts that are specific for tennis.

Thats what we do and thats why you are here, so lets get the party started!

Get ready to sweat and learn!

Benefits of Strength Training Programs:

  • Help stabilize the joints and reduce injuries.
  • Will give you the ability to transfer power through your legs and core into all your shots.
  • Encourage you to stay low, keep you strong over the ball and stabilize your body and throughout each shot.
Sr. No.  Exercise Reps Sets
1 Single Arm Dumbell Chest Press 10-15 2-3
2 Dumbell Lunges 10-15 2-3
3 Single Arm Back Row 10-15 2-3
4 Dumbell Deadlift 10-15 2-3
5 Dumbell Curl Press 10-15 2-3
6 Tricep Pushdown 10-15 2-3

Benefits of Speed Training Programs:

  • You will feel lighter on your feet, have a more explosive first step and be more efficient on court.
  • Limit the times you are wrong footed and feel confident to run down more balls.
  • Also help you decelerate into each shot, so have more time for preparation of shot, having more time for your shot, will improve your decision-making.
 Sr. No. Exercise Reps Sets
1 Vertical Jump to Backward Sprint 10 2-3
2 Lateral Jump to forward sprint 10 2-3
3 8 m Side Shuffle chase 10 2-3
4 4 m Up and back Drill 10 2-3
5 8 m cone chase 10 2-3

Benefits of Power Training Programs:

  • Will increase and stimulate your fast twitch fibres in muscle.
  • When you increase more fast twitch fibres in muscles, you will dramatically increase power in you forehand, backhand and serve.
  • Increase the ability to accelerate out of your shot back into position for next shot.
Sr. No. Exercise Reps Sets
1 Squat into Split Lunge 20 2-3
2 Wall Push Off Rotation 20 2-3
3 Shuffle Into A Lateral Leg Drive 10 2-3
4 Single Leg Back Push Off 10 2-3
5 Band Serve Through 15 2-3

Step 3
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Nathan and Giselle Martin

'Train Like a Pro, Play Like a Pro'