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Having spent time looking into the future of Tennis Strength and Conditioning and how much things have moved in the last 5 years, we decided to get a new and improved structure. First, we analysed and researched the ideal tennis athlete. If you were to build the perfect tennis player, what physical attributes would they poses. What do they need physically (Strong, lean, resilient bodies) to perform at their best.

For me when we design a Tennis Strength and Conditioning, I like to reverse engineer things, I start with the end picture in mind and move back from there…

I ask myself what traits do the best tennis players have? Single and Double Leg/Arm (Uni/Bi-Lateral) Strength and Power, Rotational and anti-rotation strengths, the ability to quickly absorb and then produce force etc, etc, and then I simply go about developing a program tailored towards enhancing these specific qualities, its as simple as that. 

The question is though how do we get people engaged into this train of thought without the use of gimmicky exercises or fancy circus tricks, this is where it comes back to the question of 'why'.

Who is the exercise for?

What is this exercise supposed to do?

Is there a transfer?

These three import questions are what I like to call the ‘WHY’…

Why is it important to ask these 3 question's you ask? Simple because its vital we utilise specific tennis exercises, that have a direct transfer to the results we are after.

Taking into consideration; The demands on the body, time under tension, volume, length of points, recovery etc. We came up with our new system - "Martin Method 9 Threads" 

We broke them down into our 9 threads and then designed a Tennis Strength and Conditioning Program that work on all the 9 area’s specific for tennis.

This information has the potential to change what, when and how you plan or design Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs. It is the modern approach and see how to correctly condition for tennis.

These threads should be incorporated into any serious tennis players weekly schedule. Here they are!

The Martin Method 9 Threads:

  1. Bi lateral strength 
  2. Anti-Rotational & rotational control 
  3. Force absorption 
  4. Force expression 
  5. Uni - lateral power 
  6. Repeated power 
  7. Multi-directional speed and agility
  8. High aerobic capacity 
  9. Full body flexibility

When training tennis players for high performance it is important to follow a system that has been tested and researched. The Martin Method 9 thread system is designed according to how the ideal tennis athlete should look, feel and compete. It is a comprehensive approach and a complete conditioning for tennis. Look at the 9 threads as an algorithm for the ideal tennis athlete. 

The 9 threads we target will allow athletes to work on weaknesses, prevent injuries and boost performance. Let's have a look at each thread and its relevance and benefit for you as a player.

How to Design Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs



This thread is one of the most important threads of the lot.

Strength is king.

This where we build the platform that everything else sits on.

Following a bi-lateral tennis strength training program, will allow athletes to build total body strength that can be used as base for power development, endurance and force absorption.

The stronger the athlete the less prone to injury they are.



With the amount of rotational movement that occurs in tennis, it is important to strengthen and prepare the body to be able to maintain good postural control and stability.

This thread aims at strengthening the rotational chain of movement.



Most players focus on power and acceleration.

Research shows us that having the ability to absorb force through the correct chain of movement gives athletes the ability to have better movement preparation, prevent injuries and have the capacity to be more dynamic.

This is a vital area to train, to allow the body to adapt and be better prepared for absorbing force when on court.


Every athlete wants more power. Tennis being a power endurance sport, the more of it the better.

Our force expression thread works on specific movements and muscle groups specific for tennis athletes.

By learning and applying these principles into your Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs, athletes will become more dynamic and responsive on court.



Having the ability to dynamically push off on one leg or hit a wide stretched forehand with power is what you need to do as a high end athlete.

The unilateral power thread focuses on specific exercises and drills that enable athletes to become more effective and physically confident on court, whilst leaning or loading one side of the body or a specific joint.


Tennis is commonly characterised as a power endurance sport.

Having the ability to perform dynamic movements for hours on end is what the game is about.

This thread helps prepare the body for the amount of power output that is needed throughout practice and matches.



Having the ability to accelerate or take off, decelerate or brake to slow down and transition or change direction is critical for all tennis athletes.

Some athletes do it better than others naturally, no matter your movement ability, everyone can adapt and improve how they move on court.

By following every part of our high-performance Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs, you will find the end result is enhanced court movement.


In order to recover effectively between points, maintain good concentration and have the stamina to last a long match, you need a high aerobic capacity.

Incorporating these Tennis Conditioning Drills, will help improve this area and will boost all round performance.



The flexibility thread is aimed at mobilising joints and elongating muscles throughout the body.

It is important to have healthy tennis players carry minimum tension throughout their bodies, especially certain areas that get heavily used.

This thread targets those areas and sets a good platform for a long and mobile athlete.

As you can see the Martin Method 9 threads are specific areas that all tennis players need to target when performing any Tennis Strength and Conditioning Programs.

To save yourself time, boost your physical capabilities and recover the best you can, you need to follow these threads.


Having been in the tennis fitness realm for over 15 years, worked with five number 1 players in the world and many top 100 players, we are now reinventing the wheel.

We knew we needed to give players a new and improved stepping stone for peak physical performance.

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