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Tennis Exercises

Why do we choose certain tennis exercises?

Before we choose any tennis exercise we implement into our programs, we always ask the question “WHY’

There’s a heap of confusion in and around sport specific training this day and age….. How do we know what's right for us and our sport specific needs, when we are bombarded with information everywhere we look. 

Social media, fitness influencers and the so called ‘gurus’ can all lead us down the path of no return and away from the tennis result's we seek. 

I myself have been guilty of heading down this road from time to time, and while yes it's definitely fun watching someone standing on a Swiss Ball Juggling Dumbbells, there's a few questions I should be asking myself…. 

1. Who is the tennis exercise for?

2. What is this exercise supposed to do?

3. Is there transfer? Transfer to a specific sport, movement or just to make our reflection in the mirror slightly more flattering?   

These three import questions are what I like to call the ‘WHY’…..

Why is it important to ask these 3 question's you ask? Simple, because it’s vital we utilise specific tennis exercises, that have a direct transfer to the results we are after.

Let’s use a tennis scenario, does your current tennis training methods, program designs and or tennis workout selections have a direct transfer to the way you play? 

Are these methods making you stronger, more injury resilient, more aerobically ‘fitter’ for the demands of tennis, and how specifically is this being done? Via rotational work, Posterior Training, Force Absorption/Force Expression movements, Rotational exercises to name a few….  

If you can’t answer these basic questions I suggest you change tactics ASAP….. It's easy to get complacent and stick to what’s familiar but as the saying goes ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing day in day out expecting a different result’ 

For me when I design a tennis conditioning program, I like to reverse engineer things, I start with the end picture in mind and move back from there…

So going back to the tennis example, I ask myself what traits do the best tennis players have? Single and Double Leg/Arm (Uni/Bi-Lateral) Strength and Power, Rotational and anti-rotation strengths, the ability to quickly absorb and then produce force etc etc, and then I simply go about developing a program tailored towards enhancing these specific qualities, it’s as simple as that. 

The question is though how do we get people engaged into this chain of thought without the use of gimmicky exercises or fancy circus tricks, and this is where it comes back to the question of 'why'. 

By establishing the why as early as possible we will create buy in which in turn brings about adherence and what happens when we adhere to a programme???? RESULTS

It’s the most simplistic formula ever - Buy In + Adherence = Results 

So next time you're caught in the middle of a social media storm and confusion is about to set in, take a second and just ask 'why'.  By Aaron Zimmerman

Below we want to share with you some tennis exercises for speed and agility, strength and power.

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We are going to help improve your First Step Quickness, Speed, Agility and Power in only a few weeks….

In this Pro Tennis Fitness Workout we are going to introduce you to some of the tennis exercises the Pros actually do.

Court Movement, Speed, Agility and Power is extremely important as Im sure you know. The problem is most players don’t actually know how to train the correct way for Tennis. If you want to move and feel better on court you have to actually do workouts that are specific for tennis.

Thats what we do and thats why you are here, so lets get the party started!

Get ready to sweat and learn!


Benefits of Strength Training Programs:

  • Help stabilize the joints and reduce injuries.
  • Will give you the ability to transfer power through your legs and core into all your shots.
  • Encourage you to stay low, keep you strong over the ball and stabilize your body and throughout each shot.
Sr. No.  Exercise Reps Sets
1 Single Arm Dumbell Chest Press 10-15 2-3
2 Dumbell Lunges 10-15 2-3
3 Single Arm Back Row 10-15 2-3
4 Dumbell Deadlift 10-15 2-3
5 Dumbell Curl Press 10-15 2-3
6 Tricep Pushdown 10-15 2-3


Benefits of Speed and Agility Training Programs:

  • You will feel lighter on your feet, have a more explosive first step and be more efficient on court.
  • Limit the times you are wrong footed and feel confident to run down more balls.
  • Also help you decelerate into each shot, so have more time for preparation of shot, having more time for your shot, will improve your decision-making.
 Sr. No. Exercise Reps Sets
1 Vertical Jump to Backward Sprint 10 2-3
2 Lateral Jump to forward sprint 10 2-3
3 8 m Side Shuffle chase 10 2-3
4 4 m Up and back Drill 10 2-3
5 8 m cone chase 10 2-3


Benefits of Power Training Programs:

  • Will increase and stimulate your fast twitch fibres in muscle.
  • When you increase more fast twitch fibres in muscles, you will dramatically increase power in you forehand, backhand and serve.
  • Increase the ability to accelerate out of your shot back into position for next shot.
Sr. No. Exercise Reps Sets
1 Squat into Split Lunge 20 2-3
2 Wall Push Off Rotation 20 2-3
3 Shuffle Into A Lateral Leg Drive 10 2-3
4 Single Leg Back Push Off 10 2-3
5 Band Serve Through 15 2-3
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