Why you should train with us..?

We have a history of taking tennis players, whether ATP and WTA professionals, social hitters or juniors, to the next level. Our Martin Method tennis training system will dramatically improve your multi-directional movement, speed, agility, reaction, balance and whole body strength and power. We can help tennis players, at all ages and stages, reach their maximal potential, by improving their physical performance, whilst educating each player on injury prevention, nutrition, confidence building and most importantly showing them whats needed to become a professional. We know what it takes to reach your potential.

Starting Your Tennis Training Program Is Easy!

You can buy any of our online tennis programs here on our website at any time Click Here, but we recommend a Tennis Fitness Assessment and Postural Analysis first to start you on the right track.
If however you prefer to train with us in person, privately or in a group, then we’d love to see you. There’s a just a little extra paperwork to get you going. (see steps below)


To get yourself closer to achieving your goals. We like to gather some more information from you, so we can assist you in the best possible way.

This gives us more of an understanding, of what you are wanting from us.

Click Here for the medical history and goals forms and then submit online. Easy.


Once forms have been submitted, we’ll be in touch for a free phone consultation.

We’ll discuss your medical history and any injuries and review your short and long term goals and tennis training schedule.

Once we know and believe we can help you, we’ll book you in for your first session.


The first session, we’ll carry out a tennis fitness test and a postural movement assessment to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

There’ll be passive tests (height, weight, flexibility etc), an active tests (strength, speed, core, balance, co ordination etc) and a check on your sleep, rest and recovery. This session usually takes 1 hour at $150.

Final Step

After you have completed the tennis fitness test and postural movement assessment, we then go away and create a personalised tennis fitness program including warm up, cool down, stretch, recovery, strength, power, agility, speed, footwork, core and cardio vascular training.

From here, you have two options.

In Person Programming
One of our trainers will guide you through your tennis training and programs with regular one-on-one sessions (private). Depending on their circumstances usually players will train with us 1-2 times per week. Great for fast tracking results. Average cost is $95 a session.

Distant Programming
If distance or finance means you can’t make a regular one-on-one meet weekly, we’ll design an easy to follow video program to suit your training environment (gym, home, tennis centre).

With regular program updates (every 10-12 weeks) and close monitoring this is a great option for players unable to attend regularly. This programming session usually takes 1 hour. The total cost for the 1 hour session and the program design is $250. 

To get started with your testing and programming complete the medical history and goals forms and then submit online - Click Here.

We’re not just Australia focused and have a strong, worldwide clientele. 
If you are unable to see us in person we have two other options

1. Train with us online - More Information Go Here 
2. Follow an online program - More Information Go Here

For further information on any of the above programs Contact Us.