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3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Tennis Game

Feb 26, 2018
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Ok here is a blog for all the players out there that want to improve quickly, win more matches, and do them both with minimal effort…… Sound enticing? Read on

Many players will struggle to improve on a consistent basis, with both their tennis workouts and tennis game. They reach a point when added momentum will be required as levels start to plateau or even worse, injuries occur.

The many factors that can contribute to this situation include coaching, motivation levels, knowledge, application, and attitude. But in our experience, some simple questions often reveal that players can identify at least three simple steps that they can implement immediately to help them make instant improvements.

Finding these things can propel players forward, providing momentum and boosting their motivation. They are often simple things (you don’t want to get too complicated).
The realization that players can create change instantly is enough to shift their thoughts and will get them seeing things differently, and then the motivation kicks in.

Finding ways to improve what you are doing can be as easy as, sitting down with 2 pieces of paper and a pen. Yep, sound crazy to you? We’ll let us tell you how this is going to work.

If you are a coach, you are going to get your players to do this on their own, and then you can sit down with them and discuss what they have come up with.
Players reading this, you can follow these easy steps on your own.


3 Simple Steps to Transform Your Tennis Game

This is so easy and yet it works so well… You have to do it. Here we go

1. Find a quiet place and just sit there for 1min on your own, try not to think about anything.

2. After the 1min, quickly write down 3 things, that you can change immediately that will positively impact your tennis, keep them simple and realistic. Things that are not going to consume a lot more time. After a tennis fitness training session today with one of our players, I suggested to one of my players today that we implement 10 minutes of some tennis footwork drills, three times a week, as a warm-up before each practice – simple and easily implemented.

Other examples of your three steps might include:
• Showing up on time.
• Implementing a better attitude.
• Warming up.
• Finding a hitting partner.
• Committing to play a tournament.
• Doing one extra workout or strength training session each week.
• Communicating better with my team.
• Going to bed earlier

3. Once you have written down your 3 points, have a good think about them and if you feel you want to change any, now is the time to do it.

4. Once you have your 3 points locked in its time to put an action plan in place. Here’s how the action plan works.
A. Write down on the second piece of paper your three points, making sure you leave space between each point.
B. Write underneath each point, how, when, and who?
C. Then for each point fill in;  

HOW? How are you are going to achieve this goal e.g. by getting up 10min earlier or I am going to be better prepared and more punctual for my early morning lessons?

WHEN? When is this going to start e.g. I am going to start this on Monday morning.

WHO? Who will keep you accountable e.g. although this is my responsibility I will get my parents to monitor things and I will get my coach to make sure I am getting to lessons earlier. My coach will give me feedback every week.

To improve immediately, you need to change immediately. Get used to finding three things you can change to make you better and keep them simple. They may not only prove the easiest to change but often have the biggest impact too.

Great! Now all you have to do is share your points with the people who you are accountable to and ask them to help you fulfill them. Then stick the last piece of paper up somewhere that you can look at it a few times a day (bathroom mirror)

Now it’s time to get the job done! Get stuck into it!