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A Simple Tennis Tip

Oct 25, 2016
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Think about this; we often wait for someone to tell us what we need to change, whether it is a coach, parent, or friend. You will always find someone to give you tennis tips, advice, or their opinion right! What about if you tried to dig a bit deeper yourself and started to work things out for yourself, find what you need to change or focus on.

We all have areas of strengths and weakness; that’s human nature. Finding what you feel needs to change to make you a better tennis player, maybe the most important tennis tip and easier than you think.

Realistically who knows you better than yourself? If you don’t feel you know yourself well enough, then you need to start spending time getting to know yourself, work out what makes you tick and what you need to change to make you better.

Answer me this question “What is missing in your tennis game? What’s the one thing you know you need to do to make things better, take your time, and think about it before you answer, and most importantly be honest?

For me personally, its maintaining focus throughout an entire session, when I start to fatigue I start to get distracted. So focusing on that and keeping myself fuelled and ready is what I need to focus on.

Too many athletes rely on others for their direction and in turn, they are not responsible enough for their actions… Know what needs to be changed YOURSELF and then get input from others to get it done.

Buying into the process is a whole lot easier when you are at the front of the decision-making. Even for younger tennis players (12 years and above), they should be learning to think about improving for themselves and what they can do to make themselves better.

This mentality sets them up for a lifetime of positive decision-making, assertiveness, and personal development.

Tennis Fitness Tip

Get to know yourself and continue to work on missing links in your life and tennis game!