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Tennis Tips For Players and Coaches

Sep 08, 2020
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At Tennis Fitness we are all about education. We don’t know everything, that's for sure, what we have learned along our journey, we like to pass on. We encourage you to do the same! 

We wanted to give you some useful Tennis Tips as well as other helpful tennis information on how you can get the most out of yourself, your coach, and your team. Give them a go and we are sure you will feel the difference!

Tennis Tips

Tip 1 – Tennis Warm-up 

If you are not warming up before practice or matches you are costing yourself both time and money. An effective tennis warm-up before the start of practice will save you both time and money, here is why. If you walk on court ready to go, instead of warming up with your coach, you will get up to 20% more out of the session.

You might waste 10-15min warming up with your coach, that time could be used more productively. We always have our players implement their tennis conditioning drills into their tennis warm-up. Eg fast feet, skipping, band work, mobility. We include warmup protocols into most of our tennis conditioning programs we offer to make sure players know what to do before walking on the court. 


Tip 2 – Ask Questions

If you have a regular coach it is important to have a good line of communication with them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your technique, areas you need to improve on, how you are progressing, etc. You will feel a lot more comfortable when you know you are both on the same page. 

The more you show your coach or tennis conditioner that you want to learn the more they will invest in you. Having been a tennis trainer for over 20 years, I can guarantee you the players who reach their best, get the most attention, and enjoy their tennis the most are the ones who "buy into" the process the most. 


Tip 3 – Show Appreciation

It costs nothing to be grateful and if you are receiving good service from your coach or tennis conditioner, you should acknowledge that. I know how good it felt when the tennis players we train thank us for a good session.

Your team is there to motivate you, but it is also important to keep them in good spirits. It costs nothing and takes very little time to show appreciation and its reach stretches far, not only in the moment but also in future situations. 


Tip 4 – Fuel Your Passion

We tell all our players that without passion, progress will be limited. How do you fuel it? Easy, watching matches, watching motivational movies/video clips, reading positive books, surrounding yourself with great people, having a positive mentor. When you are passionate your team and those around you will be more encouraged to go the extra mile for you.

We are finding young players have less and less interest in watching tennis these days, it is really important that players watch matches live (in person), on TV, or on youtube. This is a great way to motivate them and help them realize the benchmark. Getting them to find a favorite player is a good way to get them watching matches and following the tour. 


Tip 5 – Be On Time And Be Prepared 

Show up on time, be ready to go, and have everything you need there with you. After training Lleyton Hewitt for nearly 10 years, we cannot remember a time he showed up late, forgot something, or was not prepared. Put thought into your day ahead and plan out what you are going to need, be ready!

Lateness and a lack of preparation will bother most coaches and tennis conditioners and they will get frustrated. You have to prove to them you really want it and they will reciprocate. Remember your relationship needs to be two way. (Give and take…not - take, take take) 


Tip 6 – Have A Go

Every coach I know gets a buzz when they have a player who is motivated and wants to rip in on and off-court. Having a go involves points 1-5 with a little added intensity on the court, giving all you have and chasing every ball. That’s when people will really take notice and want to help you even more.

There is nothing better than to see players perform their tennis conditioning program at max effort.  We love seeing players dig deep and empty the tank with their training. Whenever we give Tennis Conditioning Tips to players and coaches, we always encourage the player to leave nothing on the court, if they can do this, it is a clear indication they are on track to reach their best. 


We hope these practical tennis tips help you and your team.


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