Follow These 3 Things To Better Your Tennis Training

Most people struggle to improve on a consistent basis, with their tennis and tennis training program. They get to a point where things plateau or even worse tennis injuries occur. Is that you? Maybe you have been there before.

This can be due to a number of factors (coaching, motivation, knowledge, application, attitude). I have found that when some simple questions are asked, players know at least 3 things that they can do better straight away to help them improve instantly.

Finding these 3 things can get players going, boost their motivation and push them forward. They are often simple things (you don’t want to get too complicated). It’s the realization that they can create change instantly, that is enough to shift their thoughts and will get them seeing things differently, and then the motivation kicks in.

Here is run down of how it should work.

1. What are 3 things you could do right now to improve yourself and your tennis? Don’t think to hard, keep it simple – Showing up on time, better attitude, warming up, finding a hitting partner, committing to play a tournament, doing 1 extra tennis workout or tennis strength training session a week, communicating better with my team.

2. Discuss them with someone and let them know, how you are going to commit to them. Accountability is good, so have someone to answer to, someone who will keep an eye on you.

3. Start the process straight away. Make some calls, create the change ASAP. Most important is to commit. Get out of your old habit and create the new one and just go for it! Nothing will ever change, if you don’t change what you do!

To get better right now, you need to change right now. Get used to finding 3 things you can change to make you better and keep them simple. Simple things are often the easiest to change and they often have a large impact. (What I suggested to one of my players today after our tennis fitness session, was to do 10 mins of some tennis footwork drills 3 times a week as a warm up before each tennis practice….so simple right!!!)  


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