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Is Tennis Keeping Up?

Feb 14, 2016
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There is one thing that has been on my mind for a while. I have been looking over all the content and information the ATP and WTA put out, along with looking through various tennis websites. I have been looking to see what direction everyone is taking, especially regarding social media and getting more interaction and tennis education from the BEST (tennis players, tennis coaches and organisations)

I have a feeling tennis may be getting left behind in this area, a lot of other sports are really utilizing their athletes and the sports they play to promote their game......

I hear stories from coaches in Australia all the time, they are concerned by the numbers who are playing tennis compared to 10 years ago.... I cannot comment on that. I know Tennis Australia have put a lot of time and energy into tennis junior development over the last 5 years, we will see the fruits of their efforts within the next 5 years. On a larger scale I would love to see tennis evolve as a power house social media driver, it really has the potential to do it (great personalities, the attraction of both female and male players, truly international sport, the money to support it)

I hope the tennis governing bodies don't just rely on the history of the game to move it into the future, we need constant new strategies and utilization of the current "star" athletes to promote and maintain fans and players......

Not just tennis information and promotion around larger tournaments and summer time....... maybe something more constant and present. It is an all year round sport, not just a summer sport.......

We could be coming to an end of a generation that has possibly been the greatest. In the mens game, we have had the luxury of seeing three of the greatest, if not the greatest players ever to play. Then we have Serena on track to eclipse the former greats..... when they are gone hopefully we have the personalities and games to follow their legacy and promote the greatest game on earth!


Tennis Workouts Making A Difference

We need everyone involved with tennis to add something, to make a difference. It really is up to us! One of the reasons we create our online tennis strength and conditioning programs is to help educate and motivate players globally, we try to do our bit this way and also offering tennis training tips and advice. We get feedback all the time from young players, older players, tennis parents, and coaches about how our advice, support or programming has helped them. I'm not saying this to brag, I am saying this to encourage you to do something to promote the game within your skillset. Every little bit we all do will help. 

These are just my thoughts. We would love to here what you have to say??? What are some ways you can help promote the great game? 

 Hear from you soon


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