All You Need to Know About Tennis Mobility and Warm Up

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Injuries have a massive impact when it comes to individualized sports. If you are involved in a team sport and you are injured, you can rely on teammates to cover for you and help you out during play. Not in tennis, you are all alone!  This is why you need to avoid tennis injuries as much as possible.

We have identified some key areas which will help protect you from serious injury and keep you on court. They will also make you a more robust and confident athlete.

When it comes to tennis mobility and warm-up, we like to focus on a joint by joint approach, either working from the bottom up or from the top down.  Whether that’s using myofascial release, trigger point work or dynamic stretching.

We think these are three key areas that are highly important for creating a robust tennis player, that is more resilient to injury.

We recommend performing mobility exercises prior to tennis training. This helps elongate muscles and open joints up for correct movement patterns.

Here we will give you three tennis mobility exercises that you can try yourself.


Tennis Mobility Exercises

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