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Nadal Exposed!!! Ways to Increase Your Tennis Power on Court

Sep 03, 2013
image of Power Exercises For Tennis

Power is one of the most important aspects of being a successful tennis player. At any level being able to continuously, move dynamically for extended periods of time will ultimately lead to good results. Nadal is a classic example of this, he manages to maintain his power and dynamic movements over hours of tennis. Tennis is a power endurance sport. This means you need to be able to jump, dynamically change direction and positions, rotate with speed, and accelerate the arm through a range of motion. All this happens naturally for most players, however, there are many ways to improve certain aspects of your tennis power, which will lead to better court movement, more control, and better intensity at the end of matches and practice.

Give this specific tennis power endurance program a go for 1 month (twice a week) and I am sure you will feel the difference. The aim is to do these tennis exercises at 100% intensity with good posture and form, so work at your level. Always remember technique controls the speed of these exercises for tennis. If your technique cannot keep up with the intensity you need to drop it down. Watch the video, as these power exercises for tennis, should flow and there should be no stopping. Try these tennis exercises in the video 2-3 times a week, with 30-45sec rest between sets.

Power Exercises For Tennis: Watch video