Role of Teamwork in Achieving Tennis Results

tennis results Apr 26, 2016

On tour the majority of players have a team around them (coach, tennis trainer, partner, friends) then they have a close group of players they rely on for support, encouragement, a laugh and above all tennis results. 

It's extremely important for them to have this "team" dynamic. They not only rely on others for feedback, motivation and support, but it's equally important for them to be able to help and support others themselves. This brings them satisfaction and a feeling that they are in touch with their loved ones and friends.

Have you ever asked yourself " who's in my team" and "Whose team am I in" it's important to know because they are the people you need to spend time with, listen to, communicate with and respect. As they believe in you, you too should believe in them, it is a two-way street.

To have a successful team respect for each other is paramount, it is what underlies all your decisions and beliefs in each other. Young players need respect for their parents first and foremost; this is a basic requirement if that’s not happening then look out!

It may soon shift to other relationships in their lives. A player and coach need to respect each other enough to communicate effectively and speak openly about progress, goals, tennis results and what can be better.

These 3 things need to happen within the team relationship in order for everyone to do well and achieve desired tennis results.

1. Communication - Two simple rules. Keep it open and keep it often. I don’t think you can over-communicate if its done right.

2. Respect - Respect comes from following these points. Be willing to accept certain things about each other, things will never be perfect, just like we are not perfect, aim for success, not perfection. Listen to one another, it has to be a two-way street. Appreciate what you have; it can easily be gone tomorrow. We have learned that on a few occasions!

3. Belief - Know your job and their job, set expectations and trust in each other to do them.

Having the right people around you is such a blessing. It will enable to you to reach for great heights as you know someone has your back and you have theirs, this builds confidence and belief in the whole process….

That’s when the tennis results come!


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