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Tennis Positive Thinking

May 07, 2018
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I am sure everyone reading this has seen someone carrying on in a way that they felt was counterproductive for the situation they were in.

Whether that be watching a tennis match, in a heated discussion with someone, or simply overhearing someone talking about something. Their negativity could be felt.

We all have moments that we wish we could have again, so we could do it differently.

I know I do!

 Looking back in my life and having learned and put into practice certain personal skills lately, I realized -  My thoughts affect how I feel and how I feel affects how I act.

It's a pretty simple formula. To live a productive, successful, and fulfilled life can be challenging and can seem so far away at times.

If we can get control our thoughts, feel better about a situation or ourselves, we will act more positively, and produce better results - Make sense?

So what does this have to do with tennis? Well, everyone who has ever been a part of the game at any capacity, knows how complexed it is. Mentally it can be brutal.

Having a high mental capacity is needed to draw the most out of yourself and having a high mental capacity involves being resilient, staying positive, believing in yourself, and knowing you are worthy of success.

The problem is most players fall short on these areas. Their tennis positive thinking is no existent, they don't have the ability to "hang in there" or turn a bad situation around, it's very common.


Tennis Positive Thinking

So what can you do? I'm not a psychologist but I've learned some principles that have been effective for me and those I have shared them with, here are two of them.

  1. What you think you are you will be - Sit back and ask yourself this question - what do I think about myself? Take a few minutes...... Are your thoughts limiting or productive?
    It's important to respect yourself and your dreams. If you don't believe you are worthy and good enough no one else will and neither will the universe.
    You need to think "Why not me" 
  1. Where your focus goes-energy flows - If you focus on getting better, being positive, and on your outcome (what you want) why wouldn't you get there?
    If you are focusing on the things you cannot do all the time it will distract you from what you want and you will end up in a circle of doubt, frustration, and negativity.
    Focus on what you want and don't stop trying until you get there.
    You'll also need to be resourceful (keep trying, keep looking for ways)

If you want to develop a good habit when on the court and improve your positive thinking;

Stop focusing on what you don't want; focus on what you want.

If your thoughts about yourself and what you are doing are limiting thoughts the outcome will be disappointing and more often than not, not be the outcome you wanted. If your thoughts are positive thoughts, with positive results they will eventually transpire.

I want to leave you with this - We know we function better, get better results, feel better, and achieve more when we are in a positive state.

Next time you find yourself battling with limiting thoughts, remember you have a choice whether you stay there and battle them or let them go and focus your energy on what's important and what's going to benefit you!

To improve your tennis positive thinking, focus on what you want! You control your thoughts, how you feel, and how you act. Take ownership and Step up and step in!