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Tennis Speed Training Challenge

Jan 14, 2019
image of tennis speed training

 Try these Tennis Speed Drills for 2 weeks and see the difference.

Benefits of Tennis Speed Drills :

  • You will feel lighter on your feet, have a more explosive first step, and be more efficient on court.
  • Limit the times you are wrong-footed and feel confident to run down more balls.
  • Also, help you decelerate into each shot, so have more time for preparation of shot, having more time for your shot, will improve your decision-making.

Sr. No.  Exercise Reps Sets
1 Vertical Jump to Backward Sprint 10 2-3
2 Lateral Jump to forward sprint 10 2-3
3 8 m Side Shuffle chase 10 2-3
4 4 m Up and back Drill 10 2-3
5 8 m cone chase 10 2-3


Tennis Speed Training Video 

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