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Tennis Training - Missing Pieces

Mar 09, 2023

Missing Pieces


Over the past year, I have looked deeper into the “real needs” of a tennis player, especially emerging young tennis players.


Here is the reality. What I have found is that what most players “Want” is not what they initially “need”. My concern is that when players focus on what they want without realising what they need, their results are minimal and do not last. This can lead to a loss of motivation and disappointment. I don’t want to see this happening to any player!



If you are unaware of what your needs are and need some education and a starting point check out the short video I prepared for you. It will help shed some light on what you should be doing and I will give you some examples of what you NEED to be doing with your tennis training.


Let’s go



Here is a link for the program I was looking at in the video 👇
Junior Tennis Strength & Conditioning Program

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Until next time – Pick your plan, be consistent, and work around, over, and through your obstacles!


Have a NO EXCUSES mentality


I will be in touch.


Nathan – Tennis Fitness

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