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Training For Tennis - Staying Balanced

Oct 06, 2015
Image of Tennis Player, tennis workout.

Staying balanced is important for constant development and improvement in tennis. If you have ever felt flat or stagnant with your tennis training, then there is a good chance your balance has been out.

When we talk about having balance we are talking about having a consistent flow or steady energy throughout your day and week. Waking up every day ready to go, feeling motivated, uninjured, and good about yourself.

So how do you know if you are balanced?

Answer these questions:
• Do you often feel flat and tired?
• Do you often feel unmotivated?
• Do you always feel like you are carrying an injury?
• Is your tennis improving?
• Are you getting  fitter and stronger?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions there is a good chance you may need to make some minor adjustments

Tennis Balance

Getting balanced involves increasing your focus on areas of weakness, or where you spend less time and decreasing your focus on the areas you spend too much time.

A lot of players believe that hitting balls for hours and hours a day is the key to improving their tennis fitness training. Most of the smart tennis coaches and players at the highest level have realized it is about quality over quantity and that off-court tennis training and tennis recovery play a huge role in a player’s success

Many ATP/WTA players will approach each tennis training session with a specific goal in mind. This helps to ensure they maximize their time on training for tennis.

It’s not just tennis-related activities that can improve your tennis, feeling good on and on and off the court in all facets of your life will boost your on-court performance.

Don't forget to make time for family and friends, this will help to freshen you up. Make some changes to get your life in balance and you will thank yourself for it later.

Here’s how to keep yourself balanced:

  • PRACTICE: Practice for 1 - 3 hours at a time. Don’t overhit or hit when you are injured. Keep it fresh and motivating.

  • PLAY MATCHES: Don’t just practice, schedule in matches, it will help keep you motivated and will continually give you something to work towards.

  • RECOVERY: Get yourself a Tennis stretch and foam program that you perform regularly. This will help you be better prepared for each session and will help with injury prevention.

  • OFF-COURT TRAINING: Get yourself an off-court training plan that includes cardio, strength, and agility. We have loads of programs available to everyone, check them out on our website.

  • SOCIAL LIFE: Get out of your tennis head and spend time with family and friends away from tennis. This will help keep you focused and fresh when you are training for tennis or competing.

  • HYDRATION AND NUTRITION: Follow a tennis nutrition and hydration plan that has been specifically devised for you. It will only cost you a small amount for a qualified nutritionist to create a plan for you, that will give you the guidance you need forever.

  • PLACE GREAT PEOPLE AROUND YOU: They will help you keep motivated and focussed.

 Please adopt these principles and aim to get yourself as balanced as possible. We are all different and what works for you may not work for others. So think about what you need to change or add into your weekly schedule and then get it done. 

You will thank yourself for it!

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