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Mar 31, 2020
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Over the years we have met some amazing people through tennis. Players, coaches, parents, and Tennis fans. Some left a permanent mark on us. 

During Giselle’s time working with Martina Navratilova, we got to see the impact contributing and giving back had on people, the environment, and animals.

Martina was always willing to donate her time or a financial contribution if it was something she believed in.

We saw it daily with her, “Giving back” seemed to be a part of who she had become. She was extremely fair and stood up for what she felt was right, giving was one way she could express herself and do her bit.

It’s not an easy thing to do. Handing over hard earnt money or your precious time. Some people do it easier and more comfortably than others, I believe it takes a conscious effort to get comfortable with it.

It’s not about how much you earn or what you do with your time that matters, it’s about doing something and making an impact no matter the size. 

The other day I started thinking about my own experiences regarding contributing. It reminded me of conversations I’d had with big contributors in the past and how their and my own experiences were similar.

I came to the realization that every time I’d consciously contributed, in some way or another, I’d received more in return.

Very rarely financially, but when it was a time or effort-related it always seems to return with interest.

Now that’s never the reason we do it, but it’s amazing how it works.

You might be reading this thinking what the heck does this have to do with Tennis Fitness or Tennis Programs.

Well, I can tell you that contributing is a human need, it’s something that’s in us!
If we suppress it, we are limiting our capacity to thrive.

As a player, parent, tennis fitness coach, etc contributing and being a part of something other than ourselves, something we care about, someone, or something possibly less fortunate than us is a truly self-empowering thing.

From a personal perspective, you realize your problems could be worse and our appreciation for what we have intensifies. This leads to a better emotional and mental state, which we all need as players and coaches.

I encourage anyone working with young players to speak to them about the art of giving and how they can contribute to something they care about. It has the capacity to change their outlook on their situations and how they deal with setbacks.

They will learn at a young age how to appreciate what they have and make the most of their situation. What parent or coach doesn’t want that for their child or player?

Simply asking a young player “what do you think you can do to help other people” is a good place to start. It opens the chain of thought and creates a conversation around something other than themselves.

10 years ago we started sponsoring a child (Tessa) through “Homes of hope international” she is now 18 years and thriving!
Today I find myself on the board of directors for the charity, a role I feel privilege to fulfill.

We have all had different experiences and our situations are varying, but we all have the capacity to contribute and put back into something other than ourselves.

Like Martina, we should look to give back to what we believe in and do it without expectation, we should do it because we want to make a positive impact and help create change.

If you are not contributing, for your own growth and happiness, get something going.

Give financially, give your time, or spread awareness.

We can all contribute to positive change, even in the smallest way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!


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