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Insight Into The Mind Of Tennis Champions - Tennis Podcast

Jun 09, 2020
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When we started our careers as tennis trainers, we never dreamed our journey would have gone as well as it has. We have met some amazing people along the way; Players, coaches, trainers, therapists, managers, tournament staff, fans, and everyone in between.

We have learned from the best in the business and now we thoroughly enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences. 

Working with some of the best tennis players in the world gave us the reality of what it takes to make it. We learned lessons not only about tennis workouts and everything tennis but more importantly about life. That is the beauty of sport, the lessons we learn from winning, losing, working hard, getting up after getting knocked down, learning to compete in a fair manner, transcend beyond the court. 

As tennis trainers we believe it is as much about learning about the player; 

  • What motivates them!
  • What they do and don’t enjoy
  • Their personality traits
  • Their passions

This has always given us better insight into a player and enabled us to get more out of them. The “Buy-in” from a player is one of the most important aspects to achieve physical success. 

We learned quickly that understanding players meant: 
Watching, listening, and asking questions - in that order. 
Get it out of order and it can spell disaster working with high-end players.

We found over time that players at the top level had very similar traits. Here is a list of some;

1. Resilience

2. Hard work ethic

3. Capacity to push well above the norm (Physically and mentally)

4. High level of professionalism

5. Willingness to do whatever it takes


We also realized they are just people like everyone else in the general population, they have emotional and relational needs as people (connection with family and friends, social stimulus).

Players who reach the top 100 are not super high on confidence 24/7, 365 days a year, not at all. However due to the fact on a daily basis they have the ability to fulfill the 5 traits mentioned above, they can get the job done and battle through tough situations. So the buck in my opinion starts and stops there.

Get those areas right and you will keep moving forward. 

Recently we had the idea of putting together a podcast series to help educate and motivate anyone who is open to learning and growing as a player, coach, or sports enthusiast. We wanted to share insight into the traits and experiences of the best. 

To be honest, we had never done anything like this before, but we strongly believe we need to practice what we preach; Learn and Grow. So off we went….

We researched and spoke to a few key people in the podcast space. We worked out the best way for us to get it done. Then we approached a few players, some we had worked with previously and others we know well. 



Over a 4 week period, we recorded, edited, and have now published our first podcast series.

We have titled the tennis podcast series: In The Mind Of A Tennis Champion

Our list of guests include;

Patrick Rafter

Casey Dellacqua

Lleyton Hewitt

Samantha Stosur

Jelena Dokic


These 5 players have reached the top of the sport and believe me they have a lot to teach us all. If you want to hear about their tennis journeys, their struggles, life on tour, pivotal moments in their careers, people that inspired them, and some interesting stories, then we encourage you to click here and access the tennis podcasts now. 

This is another gift not only from your Tennis Fitness Team but also from the players who shared their time, experience, and knowledge. 

We hope you enjoy their insight and stories. LISTEN TO TENNIS PODCAST GO HERE